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  1. they playing 8 days in giant and yankees stadium in oct
  2. led zep will be playing in every arena and baseball field u can think of even football stadiums heck they will be playing in my car always remember that
  3. i read in the daily gazette that ledzeppelin have announced 8 shows in giants stadium and 4 shows in yankee stadium in sept and october motley crue will be the support act
  4. can he sing zeppelin looking for a singer
  5. read in the ny times led zeppelin to play yankee stadium and msg in october
  6. by the time plant wants too tour they might be dead
  7. it took cream 40 years beatles never didit if they neened the money they would have
  8. i was rite up front and page was pissed he let out a big spit on the amps
  9. his solo stuff flat out stinks if it wasnt for zeppelin and page he would be playing in some bar with 10 people
  10. your out of your mind they are all babies all the english men beatles pink floyd townsend they all are
  11. dont u understand these english guys are big babies plant gilmour the beattles townsend there all babies we dont care if they tour frigg em lokk at springsteen billy joel aerosmith even kiss
  12. all these english guys are like big babies from plant to gilmour beatles there all big babies who cares about them frigg em
  13. somebody please tell robert plant that he is not a country singer he is not carl perkins he is led zeppelin
  14. u moron led zeppelin is better than ever i was at the o2 if robert plant wants to be a country singer or play with a back up band good for him he is not rock and roll if i want country ill listen to garth brooks
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