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  1. I like Sarah because she is in favor of drilling in Alaska.
  2. Hey, '59LesPaul. Why aren't you defending Keith on the John McCain/Keith Richards thread? Keith is in big trouble now!
  3. Yes, but Keith has always been a good example of a bad example.
  4. I was happy that a few people had fun with my John McCain/Keith Richards satire thread.
  5. That's my favorite Stones song to hear live.
  6. I'm sure you have heard the controversy over John McCain not Knowing how many houses he owns. Here is a related item. I was looking through some old Guitar Player Magazines the other day and I came across an interview with Keith Richards from 1977. When asked about his guitar collection, Keith said; "I have more Les Pauls than I know of." I was outraged! There are many aspiring young musicians on Chicago's south side who can barely afford any guitar and then you have this elitist who has so many guitars that he doesn't even know how many. Gibson Les Pauls are very expensive instru
  7. Question: What does the Democratic Convention, Republican Convention, and American Choppers all have in common? Answer: They are all scripted.
  8. I'd love to see Led Zeppelin play with a female singer. Maybe the best man for the job is a woman.
  9. That version of "Heart Of Stone" is on the Rolling Stones Metamorphosis album, which is not entirley the Rolling Stones. Many tracks on that album, including "Heart Of Stone", are studio musicians with Mick Jagger singing. I read in an interview with Jimmy Page, in Hit Parader, in 1967 when Jimmy was with the Yardbirds, where Jimmy said he was not on any of the Stones records but that he did some things with them just for fun. So I assume "Heart Of Stone" is from that.
  10. Rocky Mountains Montana
  11. People talk about Keith, but he's really the best looking one in the band.
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