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  1. Earls Court 75 on the last night was definitly the best. their little "chat" before hand haha. jimmys wahh solo and wahh jam at the end was awesome.
  2. i have always wondered if jimmy played piano. i have never read anything that said he did. i have seen one picture of him looking like he was playing but you couldnt tell. does anybody know if he played or not?
  3. there are no tabs anywhere for this version, but its not as hard as you think, except for the solo part. just keep watching the DVD and look on youtube for people playing it. thats how i learned it.
  4. sorry, tune the A string to G. my bad
  5. its the same one he uses for Black country woman. Tune the 1st and 6th string to D. then tune the A string to B.
  6. it sounds like there is two guitars near the end of the solo, i was wonering if anybody had an explanation.
  7. ive heard that "the ocean" was a fan favorite when they played it live and from what i know from HTWWW and TSRTS and boots, it was incredible live. but from what i know they only played it in 72 and 73. anybody know why they stoped playing it?
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