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  1. Thanks. I wish I'd taken more footage now, but I was saving battery power, holding out for an appearance by Zepp / Stones etc. more videos here:
  2. Here is a video of the opening group. 1min 33sec Also, 6 minutes of Zeppelin:
  3. Confirmed. I was talking to him for an hour or so (well, not like you can get any sense out of him on a good day )
  4. ...another video. 6 minutes. Short clips of Good Times/Bad Times, For Your Life, Misty Mountain Hop, Whole Lotta Love
  5. We should all bow down to the Zeppmaster. They should have had you on stage at the after party! Not sure if you need a white jacket with buckles though! Well deserved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Jeez, get real! Do you really expect people to be standing there for two hours watching the gig through a tiny viewfinder/screen. You're damn lucky that people took the time to film what they did, and take time to upload it.
  7. You were close!!!! What time did you start lining-up from?
  8. Aftershow was in IndigO2 club. Started with a rock band, Paper Thin Walls. Sound crew set up the stage for Bill Wyman and his band, and they were then the backing band for the other acts. Albert Lee on guitar. It was a real feast of Atlantic soul: Sam Moore (as in Sam & Dave) was incredible... what a voice!!!! He then did a duet with Paul Rodgers. Percy Sledge played all the old hits (When a Man Loves a Woman, etc), and was then joined by his wife.... she can really sing. Ben E King came on to sing old Drifters tunes. Solomon Burke... he's one large guy (and the father to twenty-one children, with 87 grandchildren!). He was good, but Sam Moore was certainly the highlight. All finished around 3am. Most of the celebs in the upstairs section spent their entire time in the bar chatting or e-mailing on their Blackberry, and missed all the acts. Sad.
  9. Cole was there, as was BP Fallon (their publicist in the 70's). I don't think either went backstage.
  10. You will get a wristband, but it will only be fitted once inside your VIP hospitality
  11. ... well how would they know!? Nobody will voluntarily put their hand up and say "I bought a ticket from eBay".
  12. Unlike you, I will actually be there, but I don't shout about it like you, and certainly don't need any more of your incorrect information. I do love what someone else said about you..."willy waving". Pretty much sums you up I feel.
  13. You will still be able to be wristbanded up until 8pm, but get there as soon as you can
  14. You need to allow 2-3 hours in the queue for wristbands
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