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  1. The last concert I hit was back in July of '09: Asia/Yes. Great show, though Yes' set lasted 5 songs. Asia was top notch, IMO.
  2. I'm here.....again....2 years passed.....

  3. Mr. Bunny. AKA: Pellet Butt, Lilywhite Lilith, Mama, Baby Bunny, Sweetums, Sweetie, sweet pea, and Bugsy. I've had her since January of last year, and she's maybe 2 years old....
  4. i saw genesis september 27th of last year... i dont remember if i posted here or not.
  5. yea.... so my hair is a little bit short...(too short, and i was tired) when i took this pic with my cell phone.
  6. Firth of Fifth/ I know what i like (in your wardrobe)(live)- genesis
  7. probably already been posted, but oh well....one can never get enough of Plant
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