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  1. I own all of: Genesis Van Halen My Chemical Romance Asia Most of: Yes Def Leppard Billy Joel Elton John Led Zeppelin and that's all.
  2. now that i see it....i never would have thought of it in a million years.....
  3. [sarcasm] OMG! How could this happen?! He couldn't have been! [/sarcasm] but, in reality, whoever is surprised, is surprised. just took him too long to admit his fault.
  4. YipeeKiYay

    Pet Peeves

    people who can't read. not that they can't, they choose not to. As a supermarket employee, it gets highly irritating to have someone go for a price check on every item you have. If you go to the express lane, and have 4 or 5 things, and then have to have me get someone to do a price check. throw in 50 coupons and you are paying in all pennies, you've got my biggest pet peeve.
  5. The last concert I hit was back in July of '09: Asia/Yes. Great show, though Yes' set lasted 5 songs. Asia was top notch, IMO.
  6. I'm here.....again....2 years passed.....

  7. Mr. Bunny. AKA: Pellet Butt, Lilywhite Lilith, Mama, Baby Bunny, Sweetums, Sweetie, sweet pea, and Bugsy. I've had her since January of last year, and she's maybe 2 years old....
  8. Can't believe i haven't been here in almost 2 years.....or whatever time like that....WOW...Time flies i guess... instead of making a new thread....i'm back. this time, i hope for good..... so, if anyone remembers me.... hello gang.
  9. YipeeKiYay


    currently i am a cashier at the shoprite in jackson, looking for a new job that has customers who wouldn't kill me when i go to clean the registers belt!
  10. Family Snapshot- Peter Gabriel
  11. i saw genesis september 27th of last year... i dont remember if i posted here or not.
  12. yea.... so my hair is a little bit short...(too short, and i was tired) when i took this pic with my cell phone.
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