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  1. I own all of: Genesis Van Halen My Chemical Romance Asia Most of: Yes Def Leppard Billy Joel Elton John Led Zeppelin and that's all.
  2. now that i see it....i never would have thought of it in a million years.....
  3. [sarcasm] OMG! How could this happen?! He couldn't have been! [/sarcasm] but, in reality, whoever is surprised, is surprised. just took him too long to admit his fault.
  4. people who can't read. not that they can't, they choose not to. As a supermarket employee, it gets highly irritating to have someone go for a price check on every item you have. If you go to the express lane, and have 4 or 5 things, and then have to have me get someone to do a price check. throw in 50 coupons and you are paying in all pennies, you've got my biggest pet peeve.
  5. The last concert I hit was back in July of '09: Asia/Yes. Great show, though Yes' set lasted 5 songs. Asia was top notch, IMO.
  6. I'm here.....again....2 years passed.....

  7. Mr. Bunny. AKA: Pellet Butt, Lilywhite Lilith, Mama, Baby Bunny, Sweetums, Sweetie, sweet pea, and Bugsy. I've had her since January of last year, and she's maybe 2 years old....
  8. Can't believe i haven't been here in almost 2 years.....or whatever time like that....WOW...Time flies i guess... instead of making a new thread....i'm back. this time, i hope for good..... so, if anyone remembers me.... hello gang.
  9. YipeeKiYay


    currently i am a cashier at the shoprite in jackson, looking for a new job that has customers who wouldn't kill me when i go to clean the registers belt!
  10. i saw genesis september 27th of last year... i dont remember if i posted here or not.
  11. yea.... so my hair is a little bit short...(too short, and i was tired) when i took this pic with my cell phone.
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