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  1. Hi, I quite like the Earls Court versions, not sure which is my favourite although the one from the No Quarter bootleg (17th May I think) was a favourite for a long time probably because I had the vinyl bootleg, sadly lost years ago with a dozen or so others. Andy
  2. Hi I quite like the Earls Court stuff, also Southampton, Blueberry Hill is good, but all choices very subjective, I tend to like different things depending on my mood. Does Jimmy buy bootlegs, I thought the retailers in Japan were happy to let him have what he wanted just for the photo opportunity. Andy
  3. Hi, All the official stuff in various formats (except cassettes/8 tracks), an assortment of bootlegs mainly CD but with a few cassettes and a couple on vinyl plus an assortment of live downloads. A great pity they don't release some of the better live stuff officially, at budget prices by using the best sources available and maybe cleaning them up a bit. Call me sad but I would pay for officially released versions of some of the stuff I already have. Andy
  4. HI, Stairway from Southampton 1973 (Winston Remaster) Andy
  5. Hi, Rock n Roll from Snowblind 20 March 75 (LOUDLY) Andy
  6. Hi Really must visit more often. Not too sure when, probably about 1971/2, my cousin Mike was into them and I remember hearing LZ2, which I loved eventually bought it myself, then LZ1, LZ3 was to me a disappointment at the time. Mike took me to see them at Ally Pally just before Christmas 1972 can't recall which date exactly but probably 22 Dec as I seem to recall they played Thank You which I don't think they played the next day (he had broken up with his Girlfriend so had a spare ticket), pretty much hooked after that saw the again twice in 1975 Earls Court and first Knebworth. Been listening to them on and off ever since, advent of the internet and free downloads has been a real bonus for the live stuff which was always difficult to come by. Andy
  7. Hi, Thought I had responded to this but can't find anything, saw them 4 times Alexandra Palace Dec 1972 ( not sure which date) Earls Court 17 May Earls court 24 May Knebworth 11 August Andy
  8. Hi, Throw Down the Sword - Wishbone Ash (love the harmony guitars) Andy
  9. Hi I use Cowon Jetaudio a lot also allows you to convert to various formats (no MP3 but does WMA), you can also use it to burn Flac files to CD so you can play them on a CD player. Recently started using VLC which has the advantage of playing some 'broken' files that some other Flac players can't. Andy
  10. Hi, Not bad are they, in fact pretty good really. Andy
  11. Personally I think they peaked in about 69/74 (just listen to the live stuff from that era especially 72/3). Saw them a couple of times in 76 (Earls Court and Knebworth), they were good but didn't compare to the earlier stuff, Mick Taylor was a much better guitarist than Ron Wood and I think they lost that edge after he went. Still some good stuff came out but just not as good IMHO. Andy
  12. Voted Heartbreaker, but mainly the live versions, the one from Zurich 1980 is a particular favourite but there are so many good ones. Andy
  13. Alexandra Palace 1972, Earls Court x 2 (17th and 24th) and 2nd Knebworth. Andy
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