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  1. Unless you were in the booth (if you know what that is since you appear to be an expert) when this song was recorded, you don't know jack shit? A direct quote from Jimmy Page earlier in this thread explains the songs that were altered for speed. TSRTS wasn't one according to the one person who would know and the one person that was there. You are familiar with Jimmy Page and that he produced these records aren't you? So listen up you condescending know it all fucktard. Like everyone who has to provide PROOF of what Zeppelin did or said, why don't you do the same instead of continually insulting peoples opinions. Like I said before, prove to me Jimmy Page did what you say he did, and I will believe you. Until then, like before, you don't know JACK SHIT. EDIT; Furthermore, you stated that the track was slowed down, Roberts voice put on top, then the whole thing was sped up. Then regarding Plants higher vocals at the end, you say they can go in and alter it( punch in- are you familiar with that term). If thats the case, why would they drop the speed of the song in the first place when all they would have to do is add an effect after the fact on Plants voice. I've been in a studio more than once or twice over a 25 year career as a professional musician and what you're saying would be completely redundant in regards to multi-track recording techniques.
  2. If you can prove that by having Jimmy or someone else explain that I will buy it. I don't think they do what you say they do (slow that track down for vocals then speed it up) because Roberts voice sounds normal in the beginning but at the end it is altered up moreso. If they did that, because of Roberts vocals are higher than the beginning, the music would be in a different key at the end and it isn't. Not to mention the bleeding and detuned issues from slowing down then speeding it up. Roberts voice is detuned like a chorus pedal or pitch shifter but the track isn't shifted at all.So for the record if you can prove what you said, I'm calling bullshit.
  3. I read interviews where Nugent slams Page endlessly. Pretty bold for an intermediate level guitar player at best. I have guitar students who have been playing for a year that can play better than Nugent. But thats Ted. He does the talking with his mouth and Page does it with his fingers.
  4. Hi Steve. Way back in September 1980, through a friend who's father grew up with Donald K Donald, I was lined up for front row seats and I even think an opportunity to meet the band was in place for the October 17 Zep concert at the Forum in Montreal. My same friend had front row seats at Zep's '75 Forum show when he was 10 years old. Said it was the loudest concert ever Listed below are the dates that were scheduled. I know tickets from the Chicago shows are being sold online. Do you know if any other tickets were printed for other cities, or merchandise (programs, t-shirts etc) is floating around from the tour that never happened? I'm not interested in buying that stuff, just curious as to what happened with it all, or if it existed. Also were there any other tour plans for the West coast or the rest of the world? Cancelled '80 tour 10/17/1980 - Montreal, Quebec, Montreal Forum 10/191980 - Landover, MD, Capitol Centre 10/20/1980 - Landover, MD, Capitol Centre 10/22/1980 - Philadelphia, PA, Spectrum 10/23/1980 - Landover, MD, Capitol Centre 10/26/1980 - Cleveland, OH, Richfield Coliseum 10/27/1980 - Cleveland, OH, Richfield Coliseum 10/29/1980 - Detroit, MI, Joe Louis Arena 10/30/1980 - Detroit, MI, Joe Louis Arena 11/01/1980 - Buffalo, NY, War Memorial Auditorium 11/03/1980 - Philadelphia, PA, Spectrum 11/04/1980 - Philadelphia, PA, Spectrum 11/06/1980 - Pittsburgh, PA, Civic Arena 11/07/1980 - Pittsburgh, PA, Civic Arena 11/09/1980 - St. Paul, MN, Civic Centre 11/10/1980 - Chicago, IL, Chicago Stadium 11/12/1980 - Chicago, IL, Chicago Stadium 11/13/1980 - Chicago, IL, Chicago Stadium 11/15/1980 - Chicago, IL, Chicago Stadium 11/15/1980 - Chicago, IL, Chicago Stadium
  5. It looks like Bonham getting out with Richard Cole behind him
  6. You may have to give us times and places so we can confirm that. Just kidding
  7. Is there any information on the stage monitors used by Zeppelin anywhere? This would be quite facinating since we could see who listened to what and maybe why. And Cactus I hear what your saying. And speculation it is for sure, however I think more bass would make more sense since the drums always cut through everything and especially since Bonham wasn't exactly using brushes when he played. Page probably wanted to hear Plant upfront also. Who knows. I certainly would like to find out.
  8. I understand and I was refering specifically about the monitor mixes as well. That would be an excellent topic though, that being how the band prefered their onstage setup. Page speaks volumes about studio techniques but rarely regarding the actual gig specs in terms of sound.
  9. Not to be nit picking here but, after many hundreds of gigs, 9 1/2 times out of 10 it is the bass that get's lost before the drums and also Page probably would want to hear the changes Jones was playing moreso than what Bonham did, aside from the regular quese. And besides, I don't think Page had a problem hearing Bonham.
  10. Jimmy Page would use the alias James McGregor. Did he use other aliases and what were they? Did any of the other members use an alias?
  11. I'll look for exactly what Page said regarding this tune. I have it somewhere. Until then, here is some evidence to suggest the tape wasn't sped up. I have never read 'evidence' that the tape was sped up before. Guitar World 1993 - GW: "Houses" is so bright-sounding. Did you vari-speed the tape up a notch to get everything to sparkle more?? Page: No, the only song I can think of that we vari-speeded up were a couple of overdubs on "Achilles Last Stand". However, I applied the vari-speed to the overall track of "No Quarter". I dropped the whole song a quarter tone because it made the track sound so much thicker and more intense. http://www.iem.ac.ru/zeppelin/docs/interviews/page_93.gw Songfacts - "The Song Remains the Same" features a furious, galloping rhythm and beautifully shimmering, multi-tracked guitar from Jimmy Page. Lead singer Robert Plant's vocals were raised an octave during mixing. Original working titles were "The Overture", "The Campaign" and even simply "Zep". http://forum.songfacts.com/showtopic.php?tid/140570/
  12. Not sure, but will check my references, but I remember reading that no effects were put on Robert's voice and that surprised me because I always thought something was on it. I'll check and get back.
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