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  1. Waking up with substantially less back pain today I was going to go to the doctor today if it had not gotten better, yesterday I could barely move at all, but today I feels better!
  2. Working on mah 12th (unfinished) novel Coffeee
  3. Being back wif mah bf. BUT I MISS MY HIPPIES!
  4. ... and that is exactly why I said "not directed at you, btw" But, as a victim of the whole Joel thing, I'd like to say it's not something to take lightly.
  5. I'm pretty sure Princess just made it up to fuck with the fans for years and years to come.
  6. Someone doing an awful remake of Across the Universe
  7. Oh, don't be so hopeful for me... I'm gonna be a real bitch and quit about 6 weeks in because they won't give me time off, and I am going to Quebec to stay at a cabin. Basically I'm going to the place to get 6 weeks of highly-paid training to quit. VJay is trying to fight the man, but she doesn't want to be too pretentious about it
  8. Kinda like jerkism seems to be doing. (not directed at you, btw)
  9. Ice cream And got an interview for a new job on Tuesday
  10. VJay

    Oh CANADA!

    Freakin' Mexicans killing us off... isn't it enough that the Americans make bad jokes about 'em? They wants us to start up that crap as well? Also, yay for fire works on this long weekend
  11. Mah mommy called! And chocolate. Although I have eaten it to the extent of illness...
  12. mmm... biscuits. Also got a job. Woot?
  13. I got an interview tomorrow!! ... okay, that makes me more sad than happy. But I don't want to look like a lazy-arse every time I post in this thread...
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