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  1. Ooh, it's the mod guy Didn't you used to have one hell of a hot sexy Vespa as your sig? Welcome back, dude
  2. I want to creative a huge travelling hippy collective... people caravaning it, in buses, on foot, whatever... just walking and being cool. Maybe walk for charity, or peace, or something. I will probably get Highway Child involved if I can.
  3. Waking up with substantially less back pain today I was going to go to the doctor today if it had not gotten better, yesterday I could barely move at all, but today I feels better!
  4. Buaha. It wasn't a crack pipe! It was a shot-glass... filled with wine... I'm a real wild one, I tells yah! Also, standing and swinging... my, Gains, you sure know how to treat a, erm, lady Lord knows we like options!
  5. Hey, while you're here... when are we gonna get it on, Gains ? - Love Vana... I mean, your secret admirer.
  6. Oooh, I've had a few of 'em. Once with this total wack job that I met on an internet forum. Who knows what forum that could be... and with what wack job... Anywho, the worst part of it is, I'm pretty sure I missed a good re-run of Buffy ..... and the sex wasn't even that good ..... his ding-a-ling was totally small.
  7. VJay

    That 70's Show

    ^ Cuz the last two seasons kinda sucked ? I like the musical episode. Fez fantasies plus singing plus Roger Daltrey equals awesomeness !
  8. Working on mah 12th (unfinished) novel Coffeee
  9. Wait... YOU BELIEVE IN THE 2012 THING?! Wow. All of a sudden I see you in a different light, Ev... ... but to answer the question, in the immortal words of John Entwistle, I believe in everything. Particularly that the government is not to be trusted.
  10. Being back wif mah bf. BUT I MISS MY HIPPIES!
  11. No one else said happy birthday? What crap. Um... happy belated? I wasn't here! *angel smilie*
  12. I'd rank him last. Just to piss you all off. MUAH!
  13. In the holy name of all that is Mulder... oh my god, that is dumb.
  14. Ginger is only 38? Well, I don't need to go any farther to see that this is yet another crappy, debatable list. Ooh, wait, Keithers is runner up. Kay, it's not so bad
  15. VJay

    Dealing with Liars?

    ... and lack of self-confidence is a very, very sad thing.
  16. VJay

    Dealing with Liars?

    I wonder what the liar's deep rooted problems are that cause him to lie over and over again?
  17. VJay


    And that's fine that you do not. Are you ridiculing people who believe in something other than what you do?
  18. VJay


    Wait, and what have you put forth?
  19. VJay


    MINE IS WONDERFUL! Can't wait to move in w/ him (without his mother, though she is a wonderful gal) in a few months !
  20. Student Bodies theme song I miss being a youngin'
  21. Seriously? Asking for homework help? Oh golleh...
  22. ... and that is exactly why I said "not directed at you, btw" But, as a victim of the whole Joel thing, I'd like to say it's not something to take lightly.
  23. Yawn yawn yawn. Old news. There have been apparently hauntings by Ratpack members too, and Marlyn in that one hotel she loved. Also, if Sid's 15 mins is up, so should Janis' ... indeed
  24. VJay

    Best hippy song

    Actually, that a public misconception, plus it sounds good in the media. The hippies did the official "funeral" a while before on Haight Ashbury, and the place had been filling w/ crack-dealers and whore before that even went down. The spirit of hippie died before 70, no doubt about it.
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