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  1. Well, Gibson like to overprice their stuff. I'm not saying Fenders are cheap or anything... but Gibson price their guitar much more than they are worth.
  2. They lost their drummer. They have also gained alot And I, for one, prefer In Throught The Out Door to LZ II.
  3. Too many pictures for one post.
  4. There is a video of the Yardbirds playing Train Kept A Rolling with Jimmy on bass in France out there, search for it on youtube, but don't post link because then they get removed..
  5. - "The man who lets himself be angered by others dragons, will soon be one themselves"
  6. Sorry fenderguy, that was my fault. It can sometime be difficult to understand what people mean when they are typing.
  7. May the warriors of both yesterday, today and tommorow be honored for fighting for their noble cause.
  8. The only persons responible for the decision if they should toour or not are the member of Led Zeppelin.
  9. With special attention to the Vancouver thread : "Something happened in here, what it is ain't exactly clear..."
  10. Yes, it is three over-dubbed recorders. On the studio version that is. For live version various key-instruments were used. I know that in some countries in Europe the recorder is called a flute. This may be where the confusion starts. A flute is more like what Jethro Tull plays.
  11. 66 to timbuktu is an album i reccomend very much! there is alo rare pre-Zepp songs on it! While not a Plant solo album, I reccomend The Honeydrippers EP, the only problem with it is that it's an EP! It's great if you need some "rockin at midnight!
  12. Jimmy has said that he still owns a great deal of his Zepp costumes, including the famous black "dragon suit"! Some them are occasionally lent out to museums. I have seen the dragon suit on display at the R&R HOF, and John Paul Jones's infamous "onion jacket" was there too!
  13. Id love to hear something made by Page and Jones. 2 stellar musicias, maybe some acoustic stuff too! They could make the crowd sing the Zepp songs, just like Jimmy did for Stairway on his "Outrider" tour!
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