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  1. Hi Süße! Freu' mich über Zuwachs aus GER - wir sind nicht so zahlreich vertreten! PS: Deine Reise zu ALS ist beeindruckend - und hat mich traurig gestimmt... LG Tinkerbell

  2. -TheWitch-

    Images conjured up by Zepp songs

    I recently had the best imagination ever ^^ Achilles Last Stand- in my imagination theres a man and a woman. they are married .. its 16th century and at some sunny day the man has to walk with the other to a war and they're all riding on horses. and i see a big battlefield at night and this man gets hurt and everyone dies except him and at the next morning he wants to ride back to his wife and he tries and tried and you hear the gallopp of the horse in this song and it becomes evening and he stops at a hill with one tree on it and he lays down at the gras and the horse lays next to him, he is about to die. then i see his wife taking her horse to search him cause he is not coming back and she is searching and searching and her husband is pulling his sword into the gras and he still lays there and is about to die... and at the end of the song he died, and his wife found him. and she knees down next to him and cries and then she slowly stands up and walks to the end of the hill...and then finally she jumps....
  3. -TheWitch-

    Led Zeppelin vs. Nirvana, which is finer?

    well you can't really compare this two bands. lol...
  4. -TheWitch-

    Led Zeppelin Wallpaper

    you're welcome
  5. -TheWitch-

    Person Above You Thread

    ^ I guess it will be great. hopefully the others get good music taste then, -if they haven't got. xD < don't know what to do against her pain in the back.
  6. -TheWitch-

    Led Zeppelin Wallpaper

    I made one too
  7. -TheWitch-

    Fun With The Boys