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  1. I have no problem with Keith or his choices, I do have a problem with anti-drug crusaders misusing his life as an argument tool. I actually do not think what he puts in his mouth is really any of my business. As for the whys of prohibition, marijuana is illegal mainly because of racist tendencies and middle class mommie paranoia, i.e. the parents group movement. The history is clear: The History of the Marijuana Laws http://www.druglibrary.org/schaffer/History/whiteb1.htm The Forbidden Fruit and the Tree of Knowledge: An Inquiry into the Legal History of American Marijuana Prohibition http://www.druglibrary.org/schaffer/LIBRAR.../vlr/vlrtoc.htm I suppose, after ten years of hearing political opponents point to Keith as a zero tolerance lifestyle example, when I suspected strongly he toked all the way through... ha. The truth is the truth. I did see some idiot on another thread I posted here spouting zero tolerance nonsense, and it offended me. I could wax about Carl Jung and his theories for why musicians tend to prefer to intoxicate (a craving for enhanced sensation), but really, who cares... I seem to recall a pipe of Leonardo DaVinci's was found to have THC residue in it... I will not have to hear about good 'ole Keith again, not in that context. I like hearing him verbally spar with Robert, at least there is still some ball in the bull left. Big egos like to talk, and they both have enormous egos, with a touch of vanity to boot.
  2. I have come across a jerk or two, and saw it mentioned here once innocently, that Keith Richards has turned totally anti-drug. I always suspected this was not the truth: UK: Keith Richards Admits He Smokes Weed 'All the Time' http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v08/n354/a10.html 27 straight major drug policy studies done over a century recommend decriminalization of marijuana possession. All of them. Yeah, I listen to Zeppelin, and I toke. Crusaders need only monitor their own behavior. If you will not put me in a cage for smoking a joint, I will not advocate cutting off you heads at the guillotine for witch hunting. Hyrule
  3. Hmmm, well, I was hoping for feedback concerning the two aforementioned bands, and their relative impact on our world. I seem to have gotten that. It would seem we all agree, with one lone brave dissenter. You see, from what Bryan said to me, I am quite sure he is being a role model for the youts who want to play Nirvana style music. O.k., if you want to feel manic depressive, dance in a mosh pit, and hit strangers hostilly, whom am I to question your entertainment? Too much thantatic destructive energy for me, I agree with Robert, where has all the magic in the world gone? Just for the record, I am talking about relative impact... one cannot deny the Rolling Stones are the greatest act of our age, based on Top Ten Albums along with other considerations... the Beatles must be reckoned with always, and should actually probably get the nod based on some data I just observed... but, neither are exactly my usual cup of tea anymore. I still love them and always enjoy hearing their music though. While Led Zeppelin is my favorite band, Close to the Edge will always be my favorite album for all my life. With Fragile close behind. South Side of the Sky, and the thought of Sir Hillary summitting Everest, God rest his soul... yep, the hair on my arms still stands on end. For the moment, the newest CD in my player is what I would call a funk fusion/big brass band style release recommended a few months back by Mr. Beller: http://cdbaby.com/cd/dougjohns Heck, just type in Stanley Clarke at Amazon.com, that'll keep you busy for years listening through his works. That is, if you want to ignore the current zeitgeist and keep the magic alive. Perhaps Gen X is simply overmedicated in their youth, hence the whole rage thing... just kidding. Kinda. You do have to wonder what changes the world to the point these kids will shoot each other at school in mass shootings. Kids with problems generally did not do these things until 1994, which is the time when, for me, it was time to generally turn the radio off. There were a lot more stations when I was young, I still have my WPLJ membership card from Manhatten, New York, back in the '70s... I remember when WAPP went on air in 1985, they played Zeppelin all straight through the summer... Well, when and if Zeppelin come back to Madison Sqaure Garden, I will be there. No matter what. I saw Jimmy play with Rob back in '89 at the Meadowlands, and I've always wanted to see the surviving bandmates perform together. Never thought I would get the chance.
  4. Carouselambra. When I voted here years ago that is was my favorite Zeppelin tune, I was amongst two other people who agreed. I think that's funny, last place for my tastes. But, then of couse, I like Ode to Roy Harper, and can even enjoy Living Loving Maid if the mood is right.
  5. I have found a number of people who do not understand why that comparison irks me and I was beginning to wonder that I have been time travelling without knowing it... I am now 40, an old fuddy dud, and maybe I cannot relate to the world any longer, it has left me behind... I am waiting for him to compare Mozart to the Beastie Boys. He did reply to me personally, basically ignoring every objective argument I made, claiming all truth in taste is relative... I suppose I could simply live with that, but then he started analyzing me, proposing I may have a persecution complex for caring about this topic. That is uncool. If he debated the facts and what I said, that's fine, but going for my character? A stranger? I expected better from him. His source for his theories? Dr. Phil... Uy vey, I have a degree in psychology and this guy is invalidating my character in a debate, addressing motive versus substance? Oh well, I give up on him, but perhaps he will will hear what all the other persecuted Zeppelin fans think. The bottom line is, I think he is both ignorant of Nirvana and Zeppelin, prefers neither, and can therefore make the comment he did with a straight face. O.k., but if you want to insult the reputation of Zeppelin's music, some of us might just call you out on it. Back up your arguments, or issue a retraction. Nothing Nirvana ever produced could be said to be as fine as Stairway to Heaven, which is probably the greatest rock song ever written... I know, it's overplayed, but's it's still masterful. Number one for over 25 years...
  6. Bryan Beller, a bass player and writer, wrote this in the March issue of Bass Player magazine to describe Nirvana: "... the hidden gem of a melody-driven trio in which influences as disparate as the Beatles and Black Flag somehow coexisted to create songs every bit as classic as Led Zeppelin's finest." Well, my blood pressure was raised for about 12 hours. The sword was definitely driven through the spine of the dragon on that wicked morning... Now, I could go for the subjective, but that is a briar patch... on simple objective measures, such as total album sales or who had the number one rock song for over 25 years, it is clear that while Nirvana may compete well with the Partridge Family, they are not in the league of the greatest superbands of the 70s. And, they will be forgotten sooner than Zeppelin, in all probability. I let the author of that comment, and the editor of the magazine, know what I think of that commentary. I hope all of you will too. Especially if you are a musician, even better a bass player. Here are your contact addresses: Bryan Beller: http://www.bryanbeller.com/linkscontact/contact.php Bass Player magazine: bleigh@musicplayer.com Be cool and be persuasive. Hyrule222000
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