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    Music in general of course, old progressive rock, guitar, vintage keyboards, celtic mythology, horror movies, recording, mixing, scotch whisky...<br /><br />You can download one of my songs here: http://www.spleenarcana.com/music/sounds
  1. Hi everyone! I'd want to let you now that my album is now available on CD It's called The Field Where She Died, debut album by Spleen Arcana, and it's available in my shop or for US people at Kinesis shop: http://www.kinesiscd.com/ I hope you'll enjoy it!!
  2. There's no problem welcome here anyway but that's true you will be more comfortable with your own thread
  3. Not in Brittany, just above, in Normandy Where you can take the ferry to go to Ireland or UK But you're right, I have a huge interest for celtic mythology (my screen name comes from celtic mythology, and "the Otherworld" in another celtic mythology) Thanks
  4. I live in northern west of France but I go to Paris every two weeks "Which way is ...?" You could say... "Quelle direction dois-je prendre?" or "Je cherche ... the place you're looking for" or even "quelle route je dois prendre pour aller à "the place you want to go"?" Hope it helps you
  5. Oh yes, it's "zut alors", but it's a bit old or it's just ironic you know... I can give some free french lessons if needed
  6. To be sure, I am a guitar player (who uses a bass amp that's true )
  7. Exactly! The nice way to say "shit" in french but... I know nobody who say that
  8. Thanks a lot Ok I'll add some cowbell in the future It can be seen as a concept record yes... For people who read the lyrics, it will be a concept record I think
  9. Hi! Yeah I'm already enjoying it Thank you all
  10. Hi! My musical project is called Spleen Arcana and you can download a complete song just here: http://www.spleenarcana.com/music/sounds Hope you'll enjoy it
  11. Here's a pic of my main setup
  12. Thanks, thanks to everyone for your comments
  13. Thanks it's near my house, in the northern west of France I love this place!
  14. Thank you all By chance "zut" is really not a rude word at all...
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