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  1. I really like the stones and keith is a legend and kiddies should take a look at a proper rock n roller, but when I wanted to go see the stones play in sheffield last year the cheapest tickets were something like £160 which is ludicrous. These days, Mick Jagger has turned them into a fashion brand/band and I just pretend that they didn't do anything after the 70's.
  2. I didn't even notice to be honest, I was jamming on my guitar and there's this piece of wood on the floor that sort of rocks around anyway and I think I just thought it was that moving around again. Next thing I know people are asking me if I felt the earthquake. I sort of feel like I missed out on the whole earthquaking experience and not even any after tremors :-|
  3. You can get pissed out of your face and get your daily fruit portions all at once in 5 easy steps: 1)Taking a melon 2)Making a hole into the middle 3)Pour chosen liqueor into hole 4)Leave liqueor to absorb into melon (and repeat if needed) 5)Eat melon Boozing and healthy eating all in one fell swoop
  4. Hey everybody.....or nobody, whatever the case may be. My name's Soush and I'm an alcoholic. Nah, I just signed up here and thought this was an easy way to start off. I've been into Led Zep for years, but wasn't born before they first split, too young to have gone to the live aid thing and really gutted that I couldn't get to see them in december, though I have seen Robert Plant at Leeds Uni when he was supported by none other than Arthur Brown. I'm into pretty much most music and listen to everything from Django Reinhardt, Leadbelly and Son House to Bob Marley, The Velvet Underground, Tom Waits and The Buena Vista Social Club. Anyway buenos dias muchachos
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