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  1. I'd have to go with summer 1970, Plant's voice was at its peak and the rest of the boys were kicking ass every night.
  2. Feb. 28, 1975 Baton Rouge, LA (AUD) I fucking love this show!!
  3. I like this show a lot as well, though I wont go as far to say its better than the LA or Long Beach shows, its certainly worthy of being in the discussion. I guess the only thing I can nitpick about it is Plant's voice cracks a few times here and there but you're right this is a hot concert. I also agree that the Seattle and Nassau shows are killer and ones you must-have just for the performances alone, they are incredible. The Seattle show from 6/19 is IMO, the best of that year. If only the recording was better, the same goes for the Nassau shows.
  4. I like pretty much everthing they ever attempted to peform live except for Tangerine '72 and BOE '77. Im not a big fan of the stripped-down Tangerine, I dont think it did the song justice and as for BOE, well many others have already covered that.
  5. Best Ive ever seen: June 8, 1977 (also the only time I saw them) Best Ive ever heard on bootleg: September 19, 1970 evening show
  6. LOL, I'll take your word for it, you know your stuff. I thought his version sounded pretty good but I admit I only listened to it once or twice and that was a while ago . When i want to listen to that show, its usually the SIRA version that gets played.
  7. LOL, or you can find it on this site...thanks.
  8. Yes this is a good one, really the first good one of the tour, IMO. Jimmy plays well after healing from his finger injury and Plant sounds pretty good (for that tour). Theres some nice footage sync'd with the audio of this show on youtube for anyone whos interested. I would post the link but Im not sure if its ok.
  9. I was there that night too, floor seats, I also have my stub still and the program. My girlfriend at the time took some pretty good pictures which I would LOVE to have so I could post them here but I havent talked to her in years, LOL. Just an amazing night, my ears were ringing the next day it was so loud. I remember just standing there in amazement during TSRTS, I couldnt believe I was finally seeing them perform live (then I hit the joint and settled in). Still by far the best concert I have ever seen. And no doubt the quality of the boot from that show is very disappointing, hopef
  10. This one is just a MONSTER show! Everything about it is great, all the way down to the Plantations...A very enjoyable listen and definitely the best show of 1975.
  11. The 75 SBs are very clean but Im not much of a fan of them. I prefer a good 75 AUD source to a SB which makes me a weirdo. I know I am very much in the minority here but to me, the 75 boards have Plants vocals way too high in the mix which is NOT a good thing and Jimmy's guitar with that weak tone is too high as well. Bonzos drums sound much better in 75 AUD recordings than they do on the SBs. They are heard more clearly on a soundboard source but they really lack the power you feel while listening to him drum on a good audience recording.
  12. 4/28/ Cleveland 5/30 Landover 6/7 NYC 6/10 NYC 6/11 NYC 7/24 Oakland (not a great show though)
  13. My top 5 for today (it changes all the time) 4/27/69 San Francisco 9/19/70 NYC (evening show) 9/23/71 Tokyo (currently my favorite show) 6/11/72 Baltimore 3/24/73 Offenburg
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