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  1. Feb. 28, 1975 Baton Rouge, LA (AUD) I fucking love this show!!
  2. I like pretty much everthing they ever attempted to peform live except for Tangerine '72 and BOE '77. Im not a big fan of the stripped-down Tangerine, I dont think it did the song justice and as for BOE, well many others have already covered that.
  3. Best Ive ever seen: June 8, 1977 (also the only time I saw them) Best Ive ever heard on bootleg: September 19, 1970 evening show
  4. I was there that night too, floor seats, I also have my stub still and the program. My girlfriend at the time took some pretty good pictures which I would LOVE to have so I could post them here but I havent talked to her in years, LOL. Just an amazing night, my ears were ringing the next day it was so loud. I remember just standing there in amazement during TSRTS, I couldnt believe I was finally seeing them perform live (then I hit the joint and settled in). Still by far the best concert I have ever seen. And no doubt the quality of the boot from that show is very disappointing, hopefully someday, a better source will surface.
  5. The 75 SBs are very clean but Im not much of a fan of them. I prefer a good 75 AUD source to a SB which makes me a weirdo. I know I am very much in the minority here but to me, the 75 boards have Plants vocals way too high in the mix which is NOT a good thing and Jimmy's guitar with that weak tone is too high as well. Bonzos drums sound much better in 75 AUD recordings than they do on the SBs. They are heard more clearly on a soundboard source but they really lack the power you feel while listening to him drum on a good audience recording.
  6. Its tough do you go for the great vocals of the 72 versions, the amazing solos of the 73 versions, or maybe the longer 75 versions? Tough call. The only 77 version I really like is from LTTE and thats mainly because Bonzo's drumming is so damn good. For me, its either the 6/25/72 version or possibly one from the German shows in 73 where Jimmy was just on fire and his guitar tone was great as well.
  7. 5/28/72 Brussels Belgium - One of my fave 72 performances. 7/7/73 Chicago- Not a great night for Plant but still a great one. 7/12/73 Detroit - 'nother fave 73 show. 2/14/75 New York - Doesnt get nearly the attention that the 12th gets but it should, IMO. 3/5/75 Dallas- I love the AUD source from this show, great night for Bonzo. 6/7/77 NYC- Fun show to listen to, nice atmosphere and good performance.
  8. I went with Immigrant Song, Ive always loved the IS/HB openers.
  9. Out of the choices you provided I would have to go with EC 75 But my personal fave versions of STH are from 1971.
  10. From 6/23/77 before the acoustic set.. "At this point in the proceedings you can see why we carry such a large crew of people with us because 6 of the 50 people are now onstage.....The other 44 are with the young ladies in the dressing room....Along of course with Peter Grant....who doesnt have his badgeholder here tonight...Tonights word of the concert is BADGE...If you are a badgeholder of a rock star you are...someone to be reckoned with...Are you a badgeholder?....Are you badgeholders?.....John Bonham knows about badgeholders dont ya John....he has a badgeholder in the audience..long blonde hair" From 3/24/75 introducing Dazed & Confused... "In a tiny small room we got together and...I think this is probably about the first thing that we had a go at....apart from the secretary"
  11. I was lucky enough to see Led Zeppelin at the Garden on June 8th 1977. What an incredible night something I will never forget. I probably still have the stub and program stashed somewhere. I was going to see them in 75 with my older brother but I got in trouble at school a few weeks before so I wasnt allowed to go, he still went and bragged about it every chance he got. I hated him for it......until I finally got to see them in 77.
  12. I prefer Candle over HTWWW personally. I love the atmosphere and performance and the fact its an unedited presentation of the band. HTWWW is great but I havent listened to it much since I got boots of Candle and the 27th.
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