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  1. Hi,as well as zep iam a big fan of rory. i got to see him live three times at the free trade hall Manchester.He was brilliant.One of the most naturally gifted guitarists ever.I have a cd of his band Taste live at the isle of wight,absolutely superb.I loved the battered old strat he always played.Great to see a fellow fan.Take care.

  2. I was listening to Radio 2 earlier on this evening and the 2 DJ's were talking about the Queen show 'We Will Rock You'.They described Brian May as an Argos Jimmy Page which I found so funny that I almost lost control of the car!!!! That is all!
  3. Very sad day indeed. R.I.P. Jeff Here's Jeffs take on Rock'n'Roll
  4. Lord of The Rings 1,2 & 3 About A Boy Edward Scissorhands Leon Ed Wood Braveheart Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind 10th Kingdom(mini-series) Meet The Parents Sleepy Hollow Life Of Brian
  5. I didn't find the movie offensive in any way whatsoever.It was funny in parts but nowhere near as funny as the original Ali G show where he first appeared. david
  6. Hi...Are there any rory fans on here.I know Jimmy Page was a big Rory admirer and was pretty cut up when Rory died.
  7. Did Page use OPEN G on stage only for Stomp,and DADF#AD (possibly a semitone lower)on the recorded version?
  8. i wonder if the people who now own the cottage realize the significance of the place in rock'n'roll history. nice pics sunchild.
  9. Thanks for all the warm welcomes people
  10. hi peppermint i have so wanted to visit bron-yr-aur for so long now.is it now privately owned/inhabited.is there any chance of you putting up a few photos of it? david
  11. It's the richness of the music they have given us that is the most important thing here surely David
  12. The obvious DGDGBD was used for Thats The Way,In My Time Of Dying and Black Country Woman. DADF#AD I think was used on Bron-Y-Aur Stomp DADGAD Kashmir and Black MountainSide DADGBE Moby Dick and Going To California That's all I can think of at the moment but I'll think of more later. David.
  13. hello all first post on here.i,ve been listening to zep every single day for 28 years now(god,that makes me sound old)and i have never tired of any of their songs,in fact i find new things in the songs with each listen.my current favourite is 'in my time of dying' although that'll change next week probably. this is a great forum and i hope to be a regular contributer. david
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