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  1. Wow, this was written by Louis Rukeyser, of the weekly PBS financial show "Wall Street Week"! Why would HE be assigned to review a Zeppelin show? I would never have imagined this....
  2. I just think this Marsh dweeb was being intellectually dishonest. One would have to be a real bimbo not to recognize Bonzo's brilliance on that album, especially ALS... Sounds like Marsh is just another lemming with a pen in his hand....
  3. Baldwin is a bad-ass bassist and phenominal all around musician, no doubt about it. He was the glue that held everything together....
  4. What those idiots fail to realize is the incredible complexity of translating those layered studio tracks into a live setting and yet still maintaining the songs' original integrity. Take Ten Years Gone, for example. Jonesey on acoustic with foot bass pedals, Jimmy on electric, Bonzo and Robert. Simply incredible. To fill that amount of sonic space among four men is not an easy task. The fact that they were so adaptable is what amazes me to this day.. No other band could pull that off.
  5. I like the concept, but in reality it just wouldn't work. Can you imagine the security situation issues that would arise if word got out that Zeppelin were playing a small, local venue? Maybe I'm wrong, but I just can't help but think they're just too big to pull something like that off...
  6. I was always under the impression that 'The Knobs' was a reference to the male appendage.... Amazing, really. I'll bet that old broad didn't have the sense to appreciate that those "screeching monkeys" would go on to sell hundreds of millions of albums and become the greatest act in history, but God forbid that her hallowed Kraut surname be sullied by those "screeching monkeys".
  7. Maybe I shouldn't say 'determining factor', but it would definitely push me over the edge sooner rather than later. I enjoy a lot of late night talk radio and other genres as well. Besides, FM radio has become boring and annoying, what with all the replays and obnoxious commercials.
  8. Was driving in the old man's TL the evening of March 1, when it was specifically announced that XM Led WOULD return later in 2008. That will be the determining factor in my subscribing to XM radio in the near future.
  9. Robert can be a pompous jerk, that's for sure. I don't like the jabs he's taken at Jonesy in the past. Then again, Jonesey's nailed him back a few times, once saying, "Robert was always into that fairy stuff..." Classic Jonesy...
  10. For the record, I REALLY like Daltrey-great guy. I also harbor great admiration for Moon and Entwistle-they were one hell of a team.
  11. I never "assumed everyone who doesn't like Zeppelin is an ass". I said Pete was an ass. Stop putting words in my mouth... Secondly, I've personally read several quotes by Pete that reflect his dislike of the boys. What really chaps my ass is that it seems(to me, anyway-just my take) like he, Clapton and Richards(and others, for whatever reasons) insinuate that Zeppelin were charlatans that gained their success through smoke and mirrors, and that their music is of a much higher integrity than Zeppelin's. Then we get into the whole other issue of the blues tradition, it's evolution, borrowing, etc(which EVERYONE DOES, yet Zeppelin gets the most flak for it), but that's another argument. That's bullshit and I resent it...
  12. Keef is nothing but a couple of broomsticks bound together by scotch tape. He's the living embodiement of the Crypt Keeper.. Mick Taylor was clearly the best guitarist to ever play in the Stones. If I hear that crappy "Start Me Up" again, I think I'll hurl....
  13. No, Snapper is absolutely correct. Pete has long disliked the mighty Led Zeppelin and has stated so publicly several times. I believe it's just professional jealousy. Pete's an ass.....
  14. Why NOT get started on this one? You might as well-thus far, your argument has failed miserably. So you define "bigger" as more widely known? Alright, I can accept the fact that the Stones are more widely known-BECAUSE THEY WERE PUMPED THROUGH THE MEDIA. I define bigger by other means: Led Zeppelin has sold over 300 million albums worldwide, is the top third or fourth selling act in history, is tied with The Beatles as the only other act to have five Diamond Awards(awarded by the R.I.A.A. for listing an album at 10 million or more units sold and EASILY drew and STILL can draw live crowds as large as the Stones ever did. Incidentally, Keith Richards is a prick...
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