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    GREAT that you will continue!!!!!!!!
  2. I am a very big fan of Jethro Tull and Ian Anderson too, they are my favourite ones beside Led Zeppelin and always will stay! I have every album of Jethro Tull and Ian Anderson and listen to them very much. On of my favourite albums is "Thick as a brick", I can listen to it all the time and never get enough! But I like all the other songs too of course. Anybody else here who likes JT so much too?
  3. Listening to "Thick as a brick" of Jethro Tull now - one of my favourite songs!!!
  4. GREAT LYRICS - I love this song of JT! And I know a lot of people who are over 50 and still VERY COOL!!!
  5. Thanks a lot for the nice welcome and thanks for the wonderful pics of sexy Jimmy!!!
  6. Yeah, I would marry Robert though he is nearly 30 years older than me!!! Jimmy is lucky married with small kids, so I would not marry him now.
  7. Robert is ALWAYS looking good!!!
  8. I am thinking of Ian Anderson now - he looked like 50 when he was only 30... Now he is 60 years old and very good looking - some people get better looking when they get old. BUT of course I always loved Ian, when he was young and now!!!
  9. The lyrics of JT-songs are the BEST ONES!!!
  10. Yeah, both would be best - than I always have at least ONE of them around me... hmmmm....
  11. Vanessa

    Logan Plant 2006

    He got 29 in february!
  12. THANK YOU SO MUCH - great pics!
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