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  1. Thanks a lot for the nice welcome and thanks for the wonderful pics of sexy Jimmy!!!
  2. Robert is ALWAYS looking good!!!
  3. Yes, this is what I said already, his smile is still the same! I love it!!!
  4. Thanks, great picture!!!
  5. GREAT PICTURES!!! Enjoyed it very much to see them, most were new for me! Thanks for posting them!
  6. Vanessa

    Roberts Jeans

    WOW, thanks! What a sight!!!
  7. I would say he is still very sexy - he always have been and will stay sexy forever!
  8. Good looking man! I like both so much, Jimmy and Robert!
  9. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!
  10. How I love his smile! He has still the same smile like he used to have when he was young and he has such a cute nose!
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