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    Stourbridge West Midlands England
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    My wife and sons.<br />Obviously Led Zep, The Who, The Stones, Rock and Blues in general. <br />Motorcycles I own a Suzuki GSX1400 (tuned to 135 rr whl BHP). <br />West Bromwich Albion Football Club, Boing Boing Baggies Baggies. History and Politics (I hold a B.A. Hons in them).<br /><br />Also an admirer of 2 Brit Tribute Bands, Fred Zeppelin and The Counterfeit Stones both excellent. If you get the chance to see either DO.
  1. Wasnt former President Carter the guy on the subs who opened the portholes to let some fresh air in while the sub was underwater? And the present President Bush didnt he send troops into Iraq after imaginary W.M.D.s like our own former Prime Minister Blair? Bloody politicians, now if Pete Townshend was P.M. with Roger Daltrey as Chancellor, oh what fun there really would be 'fighting in the streets', LOL Just joking Nige A Democratic Socialist (BUT NOT A COMMUNIST)
  2. Cheers, your support is much appreciated. I would never trespass on anyone's property, after all, I would not like to have a stranger on my front door or in my home. Although, I actually have 2 sons (the eldest has been a Zep fan since he was a toddler must have been all that Led Zep in the car when his mom was pregnant. I brainwashed him ) and my 2nd wife is falling more and more for the magic of Led Zep and 'Raising Sand'. Must say though in reply to 'Not that I really matter. I'm just another bloke'. None of us are just another bloke or girl, we are all in our own ways cabable of making this world a better place for all, therefore we all matter, we just have to try. All the best Nige An eternal optimist.
  3. My soon to be 21 year old eldest son is named Richard. No, not after 'Richie Cunningham' on 'Happy Days' . But, Richard 'Coeur de Lion', who while an absent King of England, was one of the greatest warriors of his time. I also wanted a link to my family's Norman/English roots (12th Century) and didnt like the name William or other Norman options. Robert, my youngest was named after Robert Plant and also 'Robert The Bruce'. As my then other half was Scots and like me a Led Zep fan with Rob Plant being a hero and 'The Bruce' epitomising the patience and strength of Scotland, Robert was chosen. If I ever have a third son he will be called Αλέξανδρος AKA Alexander, because he will be Great . Cheers Nige
  4. Thanks for the kind words and advice. IMO parents should try thinking back to their own youth a bit more and remembering not just how they were but how their friends and other teens once were. I was from 16 onwards a Rocker/Biker (although my next door neighbours when I was a teen thought I was a Hells Angel, I wasnt). As the song says 'I drank my wine and smoked my stuff' (not when out riding though) but didnt attack old ladies, minorities etc. Just chased a few Mods and Skins as The Who's classic film 'Quadrophenia' was a big influence on us back then. But we all grow up to some degree. I now look back with nostalgia on my youth and thank the Lord my parents gave me the freedom and knowledge to enjoy life, not to judge by appearances and take responsibility for my actions. Cheers Nige
  5. Unfortunately due to family circumstances, mine not Robert Plant's, I was unable to get the autograph. But will keep it in mind and try to get it in the future. Any success and I will let the Forum know. All the best Nige
  6. I live right on the western edge of the English conurbation known as the West Midlands and we do have a lot of social problems as you Zep fans do in the U.S.A. and most other countries. These towerblocks from Led Zep IV were a notorious place for drugs and the associated violence (something like I guess 'the projects' are in New York). Which is why the Council demolished 2 out of 3 but I would guess they kept the one as state built housing is rare these days in England. Thanks to Maggie's government in the 80s and later governments cutting social housing projects back to almost nothig. I always intended to buy my own property but it is well outside my range now. For example my parents 3 bedroom semi was worth around £15,000 in 1980. Now its worth over £150,000. As far as I know, they are now well kept by the tenants and the drug problem has been reduced with the council vetting tenants more closely. Although the drug problem has simply moved elsewhere, and in case anyone thinks I am pro the present government attitude to dealing with drugs, i'm not. My personal view is G.P.s should be able to prescribe to addicts in return for them getting treatment and being on a confidential medical register as was done before the 60s. Also scrap methadone why cant heroin users be progressively helped by using milder and milder opiates e.g. heroin to morphine to dihydrocodeine to codeine thus minimizing withdrawl. Rant over Cheers all Nige A Yam Yam and proud of it
  7. I recently took a cple of pics of the 1 remaining block of flats at Eve Hill Dudley that were used on the inside of Led Zep IV. 2 blocks were demolished a few years back one remains. I think the remaining one is the one most prominent in the original shot. BTW I think I was situated on roughly the same spot for the 1st pic as the original, and the other pic is from the entrance side. The final one iis of course the original shot. Does anyone know for sure if this is the block featured as it looks substantially different now to when the original pic was taken? Come on my fellow Black Country peeps clear this one up Cheers Nige
  8. Attached should be 3 pcs of Bonzo which I personally like as all show his enthusiasm for his craft and life. Cheers Nige
  9. Or how about 'tay as good as 'or tay as bad as'. From your Black Country teacher, LOL For anyone who sees Mr Plant try asking him 'hows the dogyeads doin? And why dae he follow the Tescos lot when he was born there?'. He will know what you mean and will doubtless laugh at it. (Its a soccer reference) BTW anyone criticizing my English bein a Yam Yam I cor elp it although I do have a dislike of using and to start a sentence as at school it was frowned upon. Dazed and confused? You should be The power of Led Zep overwhelms the mind almost as much as E=MC2 (soz bae gorra squared button on my keyboard ) Yowm all bostin keep on rockin and rollin. Nige
  10. DOH, sincere apologies to Miss HoneyD. I was being lazy and didnt check back to your posting re Jason and his impressions. Although in my defence I did mean it as a compliment to Miss HoneyD. an embarrassed yam yam Nige.
  11. If she sounds as lovely as she looks she would be and probably is incredible.
  12. We all have a natural flair in some way. My father had a flair for working with engines. My mom for dealing with me and my sister feuding all the time. Myself I hold a History/Politics Honours Degree. Jimmy Page has a talent (understatement or what?) for playing the guitar. My point is while some maybe good with grammar and spelling others are good with carpentry or teaching, each to their own. The main thing is never to think you are better than others because you have an academic qualification. After all who would you want to help you if you broke down in your car a Mechanic or a Professor of Ancient Greek? Rant over Nige
  13. NigeGSX1400UK

    Dazed and Confused

    Bonzo was typical of many guys in the Black Country area (although born just outside it). Knock back the booze, then let rip and sod anyone who complains. He was a real hero to all of my group of mates. I do remember being a teen back in the late 70s early 80s and it seemed everyone was a Mod, Rocker, Punk, Ted etc and each group fought with the others. Used to headbang to Led Zep and the rest at the local Town Hall disco and laugh at the Mods who would run onto the dance floor thinking it was the Kinks 'You really got me' when it was the Van Halen version. Stupid I know, but at the time it seemed everyone defended THEIR music with fists over why Led Zep, Sabbath etc were better than Ska, Soul etc. The Who have a lot to answer for with Quadrophenia and its Rockers and Mods rivalry. Including making some great music (although I didn't admit it back then as The Who were seen as a Mod group despite the genius of the Rock they produced) and an excellent film full of British talent e.g. Phil Daniels (Jimmy) and Ray Winstone (Kev). Rant over Nige
  14. And if hes a Republican (sorry I hate Bush) I would just laugh at him before decking him and packing him off to France. A really good teacher does not need to act stupid he or she just gains respect naturally by being a good teacher. As for being a 'cool grammar nazi' to be honest I would rather you had used another term as I studied the nazis for 3 years on my degree as well as having family murdered by the SS in a massacre in France in 1940. The only 'cool' nazi is a dead one. Cheers though mate Nige
  15. In a way we were, because Dudley has more (stop groaning at the back). How does it have more? Well more people in the U.K. hate the accent/dialect than any other accent/dialect in the U.K. Just goes to show us Brits have no taste cause its a bostin accent As for Dudley Moore not really my type of humour prefer Lenny Henry another yam yam like me. Have fun Nige
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