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  1. haven't been here in a while and...WOW! 217 pages!!! jimmy lovers are really the best!
  2. Well, once again my hopes have been dashed. I am glad (i guess) that Robert has released an official statement (although, I have to admit that all the speculation is fun.) Thanks, sam, for posting it so promptly on here. I can't help but be dissapointed, as I think most here propably are. I had the bad luck of being born slightly too late to see LZ perform. I was really hoping that i would be able to fulfill this life-long dream, but alas, I'm getting the feeling that it's not meant to be. I can't help bust shake the feeling that the rest of my musical heros are going to pass o
  3. oh my god, he is the sexiest older guy ever!!!!
  4. Thank you for posting this Legend!!! a very unusual angle...lovely...like he's laying in bed looking up at you...aw-oh, impure thoughts
  5. i couldn't think of anyone that i would want to hear singing robert's parts until i read this post. of course i would most like to see robert himself, but if you've heard the album JP and the black crows did live from the greek you know chris robinson has the balls to pull off playing with JP, JPJ and jason.
  6. I wasn't saying that I think he's a selfish person in real life, just that the way he presents himself in the public eye makes him seem that way.
  7. I would like to see the entire context as well. The article certainly seems to be applying his statement to the widespread desire of fans for a tour. As has been said they (LZ) never made music based on what their fans or critics expected. But I don't know if that's what he was refering to, it seems the conversation was aimed at the current events. Even if he was talking about their musical past I think that once they had a packed stadium full of fans that their goal was to get every single person in that crowd off on their music for those 3 hours. I'm not trying to be a "Plant Hater" a
  8. "Led Zeppelin's never been about the fans. We've always been about four guys coming together to make thrilling, disturbing rock 'n' roll. On our own terms." I read this quote from Robert today in an article about why he's put off on touring. He's says it's all the paper work that keeps him away. As far as the quote above, however, I would have to say that I think Jimmy would heartily disagree. It seems as though from what I've read (and from the sheer quality and concern for quality that JP has always and still has towards the music he releases) that he most definitly does care abou
  9. white summer

    Jimmy's Hair

    oh, to touch that hair......
  10. don't know if i've seen this on here or not (but that's a goog thing because there are so many wonderful pics of jimmy on here now!) this one is just beautiful! he looks so kind and happy.
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