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  1. you never know where JPJ will pop up I heard he was working with an indie band from Canada last year anybody else hear about the indie band ..??? any info???
  2. I'd like to talk to Plant about this. See what he really feels about the idea.
  3. a sad time for sure. I've heard nothing but good about him. Saw him live once. great show. also a great horn player. great all around guy and musician. very sad indeed.
  4. Megadeth and Zep are like the opposite of each other musically. Listening to Megadeth is like listening to a guitar nerd practice. A very good guitar nerd.. but still a guitar nerd. Led Zep is the opposite... sure they can play but when they do they aren't trying to show the latest technique they just perfected. Zep is just wailing on their own thing. Nothing to prove. Megadeth is way immature in musical stature compared to zep. When I listen to Megadeth there is the occasional little thing that sounds cool. But it's always inside of an amateurish song. That's why they are
  5. Good thing they didn't kill Jagger.... Yeah right.. LLike I give a fuck. What does an ugly fuck corporate poser like Jagger have to do with Zep?
  6. I'm feeling like a Timmy's. Does anyone know what a Timmy's is?
  7. Hi I'm Paul and I'm an alcoholic. Well not really . denial maybe. woops I said maybe ... first step toward acceptance. maybe I should go pour my mouthwash down the toilet.
  8. there usually seems to be an idiot who pushes the thing around. I heard that if you really take it seriously your sub-concious will do the pushing for you. Kind of like dreaming through your fingertips.
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