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  1. Remain indebted to Ms. Su Kim Chung for sending us this additional confirmation from Las Vegas Review Journal from April, 1970, that further confirms previous August 7, 1969 appearance by "LZ" at Ice Palace... Thank you Ms. Su Kim Chung!! August 9, 1969 Fabulous Magaine Ms. Chung confirms is Not in UNLV archives. A photo from ebay (sold out) and MikeZep, thank you for such wonderful contribution and sorry for late response... **Mike I just wanted to add detail that reason for curfew being extened to midnight on weeknight August 7, 1969 Thursday - Bylaw - during summer months, there is no school, otherwise school night, 10:00 pm.... Ike and Tina Turner at Casino Lounge appear 10th Window, from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 am as stated in the listing above...ofcouse, thinking of Legendary "John Paul Jones, and our Beloved Road Manager, The Great "Richard Cole"....
  2. Hello everyone, I remain indebted to Ms. Su Kim Chung, Special Collections, UNLV Archives for accepting my request in her most valuable time. She has very kindly sent us the fans the following outstanding confirmations from The Las Vegas August 1969 Publication, "Fabulous" that lists events of Vegas including Ike and Tina Turner, Elvis among others. I have been in search of this magazine for quite some time, (august 9, 1969 Tina Turner Cover of Fabulous on Ebay Sold Out)... with Sincerest Thanks to Ms. Su Kim Chung, here are the photos that she has sent to us...
  3. Thank you Sam, remain indebted to you for sharing Ritchie's iconic memories, His immortal legacy will live on forever....
  4. I miss his Graceful presence in CIty of Toronto This Morning, R.I.P. "The Great Ritchie Yorke"
  5. Mikezep61, Passion for Led Zeppelin is Timeless, Thank you for such wonderful news, it is truly an honour to be among such passionate fans here ...... I just reviewed the Thread, I noticed that Las Vegas Sun was searched (I usually asked for at least week before and after the Aug. 11 date), but unfortunately, only the cancellation of August 10th, was reported at the Convention Centre - don't know how this article would have been missed at the UNLV...(i even recall, that Mike Tell and his Team personally at one time searched the archives, the archivists informed me, but they could not find anything) - at last, I shall convey that my last message from the Veteran Journalist Laura Deni/Las Vegas Billboard stated that She has spoken to Mike Tell, and he has indicated to her that he did not promote LZ concert in Vegas, and that she cannot help me further in this regard....she also stated that embellishment was common in those days for young promoters, including Mike Tell, and that the about 4 promoters in Las Vegas in total would compete with each other but now are warm community - they were all aware of this news of Mike Tell/LZ Concert Promoter (none of them had news of LZ being present for short concert otherwise promoted by some source) She further stated that if Mike Tell had promoted this concert, it would have been published (Front Page likely) in the Las Vegas Israelite, further, from my messages to Mike Tell, and His Promoter Brother Jay Tell (their email address publicly available at that time) never were returned, and at last Jay Tell, the Editor of Las Vegas Free Press (I posted this article) did not publish any promotion of LZ by the Tell Brothers - There is no Book that has come out as it was once indicated.... I have always believed ONLY The Legendary Richard Cole during the passionate (disillusional at times) Search, as he recalled from Memory but always correct, that LZ were in Las Vegas for Concert - Having said this, I wonder if Concerts West promoted this concert, or connection with Elvis Promoter? It cannot be Mike Tell - His entire family is in publication in Las Vegas and none of the publications - No News of LZ being at Ice Palace - Had they promoted this concert, they would have published the news, in Las Vegas Free Press, or Las Vegas Israelite, or Las Vegas Weekly - I cannot recall the exact details, but there was dispute in publication of Las Vegas Sun and Las Vegas Free Press - (Jay Tell became publisher of Las Vegas Free Press) Laua Deni has indicated that she has met Peter Grant Several times, and interviewed him, but unfortunately, no way to access any of those interviews- I do not have any contact for her as of now nor she was helpful in this regard during the search; Rodney B. did give interview in Guitarworld '86 where he indicated that he arranged for LZ to see Elvis..... - I also remember that Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull was indicated via his Concert Official Site, that the Legendary Musician was in Las Vegas August 11,1969 in the audience to see Elvis with LZ... ..cannot confirm defintely, but I did receive a word from their Site that Legendary Ian Anderson was in Las Vegas August 11, 1969 but they don't know about LZ... Sam thank you for such wonderful Forum, indebted to you for bringing us together in Honour of "LZ"..... apologies for typos this late...
  6. ...Very Happy Birthday to James Patrick Page! Each and every Day Graced with your Incomparable Talent, Beauty, Charm, this world is truly beautiful!! You are loved and loved....!!
  7. Another Beautiful Year to look forward to with Legendary John Paul Jones, very happy birthday to our Legend!!
  8. In Honour of Legendary John Paul Jones, James Patrick Page, and Veteran Legendary Musician/Composer "Biddu" from (Bombay) Mumbai, India in London, 1967 (Biddu Still active Composer in the FIlm Industry and Highly Regarded - this venture while he was seeking fame and fortune in the West,)- I hope that Legendary John Paul Jones will continue his creativity with Artists from India, in coming 2017 and beyond, looking forward to the Opera Production....Happy Birthday Legendary Musician - So happy that my world is still Graced with your Creativity, genuis talent, timeless Youth...
  9. Very Sincere thanks to Huntley Film Archives for uploading this long awaited film of our "Rock God", .....
  10. Timeless Desire.... http://thewire.in/61711/will-led-zeppelin-ever-reunite/
  11. .....Thank you, each and every discovery leads to endless journey with "LZ", Thanks to "Someone" for this beautiful Glimpse of "Jimmy" especially for me, for he is too beautiful each and every time, this whole world is beautiful with his charm!!
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