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  1. Hi everbody.. I found this good read about the Star Magazine and it gives good glimpse into the early 70's culture...makes me wonder did they have more fun back then and are we just "boring now"? http://www.stargroupiemagazine.net/index-5review.html I will say this much, I have sincere respect for all the women/girls of that time, they were truly in search of their own Identity, just as we are now days trying to gain balance between both family and career...woman's work is never done.......... ....only thing constant is change
  2. ....a very very Happy birthday to you Mr. Plant and congratulations to ourselves, the fans, for being born in the same century as you did so we could experience your music in Led Zepplin, absolutely a Masterpiece...
  3. ...thanks for satisfying my hunger for this bit of info...it certainly is food for thought.... I am sure the food is most excellent...Mr. Plant surely is an expert cultural ambassador....
  4. just for info...it does exist..here is choice of food....http://dinesite.com/info/rstrnt-93525/?&t=3 thanks for Robert's '90's info....still I wondered if anybody had witnessed the '70's atmosphere...that would be interesting.( I have seen several pictures of Led Zep eating backstage, on planes around this time... I suppose it would be interesting to eat at at a restaurant where Feast for the Gods originated...
  5. aen27, thanks for very informative info...the caption is very captivating indeed...
  6. Hello....your post is brining that "little kid" in all of us, timeless...(Aug. 4, 1979 - I will go back in time and celebrate my 18th birthday - Of course, I will most definitely look at my favorite Page Photographs of this historic performance... .beautiful......... I am happy for you that all of this hard work has transformed into very content feelings, this itself is a priceless gift, thanks and it has been fun participating
  7. thanks Knebby for the info. (I must admit I was bit confused geographically speaking...)
  8. aen27, thanks for posting this beautiful picture of RP/JP posing in very "exotic" environment...they have such beautiful chemistry all around.... handsome, cultured, fun, sweet.... Just to comment a bit on this picture....from what I can read from background language posted, this picture is photographed in India. if possible can you post all of related pictures, or where we can visit?...thanks for entertaining with beautiful pictures of our hottest duo... (I do wonder about the girl in the background...a bit jealous, I must admit....)
  9. -------------------- October 19, 1976 - one of the best nights of my life! This picture of Jimmy Page attending the Premiere of Song RS is fascinating...can you please tell us the whole story...I think it is next to impossible to encounter a Led Zep... that too Page himself...how did you find you way to him... and he must be mobbed by fans...he looks beatiful...also, I noticed there are pictures of Robert and his wife/extended family in this Website in Photos...it seems to me Jimmy for some reason is sitting "alone" where was everybody else, ie. Robert, family, other Led Zep etc.. can this story be explained...much appreciated... (I was very new in Canada at that time and so far away.... ) Thanks
  10. Hello, For Director, I would choose Sophia Ford Copola (Lost in Translation). for a similar film with Jimmy Page in control of music... I am not a Abba Fan, but I do think a 70's character of Boy or Girl a "trip" back in time could possibly work... As for Journalist idea...I do believe Jimmy Page is a very creative/very well informed musician to say the very least...he could answer few questions from fans, ie. music - tehnical, music business, etc... a magazine could have him as a guest columnist... I suppose these are some area in and around the Entertainment Business...I do believe that destiny has its own plans...you never know....He might even enjoy the "sounds impossible"... ...The candle burns in every color till dawn...
  11. ...Since he has devoted majority of his life to music...how about dramatic arts ..He enjoys films ie . soundtrack, a rock creative musical apart from Tommy, how about world concert participation with foreign musicians in their respective countries, ie. Brazil, he has ABC Trust I would also like him to do a solo tour with creative material, and possibly set-up talent show with Les Paul Guitar associates to promote music among young generation... I also think incredible writing talent could work in journalism and or film.
  12. Thanks for response and opportunity...I have entered the contest several times... hope I win.. nevertheless, the donation itself is a winning, satisfying feeling. I have also emailed my personal entries to each band member...short but sweet, just one thing, I had to re-do for "Page" email..please ignore the one without my name and it was half-complete from my writing.. thanks Jas (My name) from e-mail sghuttora@shaw.ca
  13. This is just another lover's tiff. They been married too long...been there ..done that..There permanent union is sealed with "crazy" glue...they are inseparable. Of all the arguments on and off the road their marriage comes back as "refreshing" as ever...staytuned!!
  14. Hi PageAngel, Thanks for the hard work and wonderful opportunity for great cause for ABC...Just wondering, how is the "squeezing" of entries coming along...I am supporting by entering the contest several times, but I am not sure if there is still room for personal entries...thanks for answering (by the way I earlier wanted to find you Zep MEMRBLIA, but this Site already had few articles from the shows here back then.. I visited the Library historics and few emails, but to not much avail this time... Anyway if you could quickly let us know about are chances of entries officially accepted, I really appreicated...ofcourse fans will still donate
  15. Just a harmless fun this a.m... thanks for posting my birthday date August 4, 1961...yes, I indeed turned 18 back in 1979 knebworth concert date, my Zep years 13-18 before the fun started to end!! but Mr. Page and his music are timeless...
  16. Just a harmless fun this a.m. thanks alot for posting this...it is perfect for my upcoming birthday gift August 4, 1961...back in 1979 knebworth my birthday concert date, I had indeed turned 18!
  17. Let's change the destiny of this thread...how about are public professional dance career update...I recall seeing a dance picture of her and Robert P. has publicly confirmed that his children have been exposed to Egyptian/arabic music a lot...I suppose this is not a private issue..
  18. LedKhan, tks for the replies.. now that we have his autograph scan...in my opinion, JP remains a spiritiualist. It has struck me that the "J" "P" is a 6 & 9 (appearing opposites) as the numbers appear on his white dragon suits ( a symbol of union, I believe). Jimmy page has given a interview in latest RollingStone magazine that union between man and woman is essence of his guitar - music riffs.... To me, his autograph reflects his current state of mind ...if you look closely at the scan from the top it appears to be man and a woman in a romantic pose...I really admire his autograph...Page remains the same.... Others may have their own opinion as well...but the autograph struck me as did the 6 & 9 symbol from his dragon suit... take care..
  19. I love your post...can you tell us the "whole story" like a Entertainment Tonight show reporter... who was there, who did JP came with, (Robert's whole family pictures are on this site from this premiere)...lastely, how did you meet the IMPOSSIBLE JIMMY PAGE...I can't believe it!! Did you stand in line, forever or what...fill us in...tks. lot I really love your story.. Yes JP is looking very beautiful! although I am little worried about his health in 77 images..
  20. very happy for you!! I guess we all want to know every possible detail, here are few more questions for you 1. Why do you think the people around were unhappy ...were there other fans at that time? or do they not appreciate fans around the world? 2. Was JP happy to see you (I am sure he is happy to see fans from around the world) 3 Was JP rushed/friendly? Did he "kind" of wanted to talk yes or no I realize that celebrities are bothered all the time...but at that moment it seems to me you were the only one...I do not like the attitude of people around him towards you... anyway I hope that you like Jimmy Page even more after meeting him. thanks in advance
  21. Thanks for the message and info. about this upcoming fantastic event..wish I could attend!! but so so far away... like most fans, I can donate also, I thought about calling the Classic Radio Rock Station if they help out with any items, A remote possibility..I will try to contact someone who may have unique never seen before photographs...not sure...but will try.
  22. PageAngel, Congratulations for your hard work and dedication...You have inspired me along with so many others to do some thing great for the love of music of our divine Led Zep, If you don't mind perhaps I can send you a e-mail about some ideas, and see what you think...I am thinking about more of in terms of honouring the Band... rather than providing them with a gift or anything of that nature... I am deeply sorry that I was not aware of your post last year, as i was never a member or aware of this form. Otherwise, I would have sent you a gold engraved poetry worthy of praise in honour of The Great Jimmy Page...My poetry would have been verses in Urdu/Hindi Poetry of immoral poets of my native land, translated to perfection to reflect our unconditional love for this divine man and his music... Every one has a story...Mine too is indeed Unique...Perhaps someday when I am not too emotional, I will write a post or two...again, really, you have accomplished something so great, and you know it...peace and love, take care...all the way from Canada. Main akela hi chala tha, janib-e-manzil magar, Log saath aate gaye aur caravan banta gaya..., Poet Majrooh ...Alone, I commenced a journey towards my destination,... people came along the way...thus a caravan began to form...
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