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  1. Hi Aqua...nice to have you here...

  2. Hi Debs!!! thanks for the birthday wish...Nice to be in your company...really it is more than wonderful!!!

  3. Hi Fan S. No need to feel ignored...I am sure everybody would have been touched by your passionate story of friendship. I think people do read, but don't comment. I related to the experiences you mentioned in your post...truly, it is friendships like the ones you mentioned make this place, and everything else in life worth the day...Peace...

  4. Hi MSG, you are so kind, it is much much appreciated!!!

  5. Hi MSG; Hope you are well;

  6. Hi MSG; Tks for the birthday wish, I was away, and will catch up soon......

  7. Hi Msg;

    Hope you are well, sorry I have not been at the Site for so long

    will talk later..;

  8. Hi, Nice to be in company of young fans like yourself I am an old timer Gen'77 LOL! Thanks for your friendship...best of new year to you!!!

  9. Hi, thank you for friendship.

  10. Hi, very nice to have you, welcome!!!

  11. Hi...Love all of your contribution to the Forum...The Eel Pie, Pagey -Yardbirds...great to have you...learning lot and lovin' it!!! keep us posted....

    You are wealth of knowledge and Historic Info...and very Importantly, Friendly!!,

  12. I am very thankful for your expert knowledge...deeply appreciated as you have been extremely helpful to gain knowledge of our fav. band Led Zep...Thank you ever so much...

  13. MSG...tks for the B-day wish, nice to be in your company...tks for your friednship

  14. Nice to have you on Board........

  15. Thank you!!! I love all of the pictures you post...enjoying your company full of fun!!! Have a good day

  16. Thanks for being part of this Forum...Your honesty and down to earth personality truly makes you a special Led Zeppelin Fan and we are lucky to be in you company!!!

  17. Thanks for kind birthday message, yes, the White Dragon Suit

    makes this Big 50 very complete!!!

  18. tks. I Love your Channel...will be talking to you more!!!

  19. Wonderful to have you here, thanks for sharing Led Zeppelin Music with the fans.....

  20. your dedication is much appreciated...love the pic's you post...

  21. ZDR, thanks for the b-day wish for the old timer here...nice to be in company of young Led Heads!!!

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