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  1. Since I have been "nitpicking" Celebration day by seeing it in the theater 4 times, I've noticed just small little things that really add to the enjoyment of the concert for me. So, I thought I would start a thread where other fans could share little things the members have done in concert that really struck them as "cool". So, let me kick this thing off here. The Knebworth concert from the Led Zeppelin dvd, I just love it when Robert says "Oh Jimmy"...."Oh Jimmy" right before he launches into his solo for Nobody's Fault But Mine. I always thought that was really cool. I would have lo
  2. One small issue I have with the editing. During "Good Time Bad Times", the start of the second chorus isn't sung by Robert. I went back and looked at the fan shot stuff and realized he was holding out the microphone to the crowd encouraging them to sing. But since Cartuthers didn't edit the film to show that, if you didn't know better, you would think Robert forgot to sing or his microphone went out or something. Otherwise, Iike the people said earier in this thread, Jones'ys boots playing the bass pedals, and just the smiles and grins everyone flashes are very memorable for me. I also lo
  3. I'm a lucky man today! The final showings of "Celebration Day" in the whole state of Texas happen tonight in Dallas just a few miles from my house. I'm attending both the 7:00 and 9:30 showings. I figured since it was the last time it would ever be shown in theaters, I would "go big or go home". So I bought tickets for both. P.S.: Another theater near me is showing a series of concert films this month, and "The Song Remains The Same" is showing in a couple of weeks.
  4. My problem with this situation is he made it sound like he didn't want to tour becasuse he wasn't going to be touring with anyone for the next couple of years. If he doesn't want to do Zeppelin, while disappointed, I dont' have any problem with that. The problem I do have is not just coming out and saying so. Robert doesn't owe the fans a Zeppelin reunion, but I think he does owe them the truth. If he doesn't want to be in Zeppelin again, just say it. I think it would save everyone a lot of hassles. p.s.: Earlier in the year he used touring without a new album as the reason he would
  5. We had an official press release a few weeks ago where Robert states that he won't be touring with anyone for the next 2 years. Then a couple of weeks ago, he states in an interview that he is going into the studio in January to record the follow up to "Raising Sand". Now I don't think it will take them two years to record the album, so the million dollar question is, will they tour together after it's release in support of it? I have a really hard time believing they wouldn't. The vibe I got from the press release was that Robert was taking a two year extended vacation. Hmmmmmmmm
  6. This may be another reason he's so upset with Zep. I remember reading an interview with Ginger Baker a few months ago where he states that Cream were going to a few songs at the 02 tribute show, but then bowed out when Zeppelin decided to do a whole set. And to a prior question, yes Clapton decided he was through with the Cream reunion when Jack Bruce turned into Mr Hyde on stage in New York. Ginger claims that Bruce yelled at him onstage in front of thousands, and then tried to deafen him by cranking his bass up. After the first night, Ginger claimed that Jack killed the magic and the n
  7. Ladies and gents, personally i'm losing interest in the whole thing very quickly. While I would enjoy seeing Page and Jones working together again, I don't see how any of this can work without Robert unless a new album with a new singer and a new band name happens first. And even then, for me, it would seem like a poor subsitute for what we all wanted to happen (Page and Jones included). And while I love Jason's attitude and playing, again personally, I would feel another drummer needs to be in the chair because in my mind he's been offically linked to "Led Zeppelin" through the 02 show.
  8. I'm sure this subject was discussed months ago when the remastered "The Song Remains the Same" was released months ago, but I just had to get this off my chest. I finally got a new cd storage system and was putting all of my compact discs into it when I came across the above mentioned title. Jimmy cut the solo to "No Quarter" because he wanted the soundtrack to more closely match the film, yet, he added songs to the soundtrack that weren't in the movie. Jimmy is a genius as far as I'm concerned, but I don't follow his thinking on this one. The soundtrack would have been perfect to me if
  9. I read a review of the show that is mentioned in this topic and nowhere does the reviewer mention that Paul Stanley said "we're going to play some real rock and roll tonight". He does state that Paul did stay "Not tonight". So, someone is trying to stir the pot around here because being a big fan of both Zeppelin and Kiss (imgagine that!), I can promise you that Bonham, Jones, Page, and Plant are nothing but idols to anyone and everyone who has ever been in Kiss. I have read interviews with both Paul and Gene where they recall very fond memories of going to the Garden in 1973 to see Zeppeli
  10. I was listening to the Led Zeppelin channel on my XM radio this morning, and an announcement comes on stating that as of March 7, the channel will be on "hiatus". The announcement also states that the Led Zeppelin channel will return later in the year. Now, seeing as how the channel was launched during the build up of the 02 reunion show, could XM be telegraphing that they will be bringing the channel back during a time of excitement concerning Zep in the fall? HMMMMMMMMMMMM!
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