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  1. I believe Fate of Nations could have gone platinum... except for the fact that Plant sold possibly millions of singles off the album! He released "Calling to You," "29 Palms," "I Believe," "If I Were a Carpenter," etc. Does anyone else think that all those singles made a significant dent in album sales? FoN was, as Steve said, a truly brilliant album! Plant called it a "major turning point" in his career. He had an "open house" policy on FoN, welcoming several important guest musicians. I love all of RP's albums-- but if I had to pick a "favorite," it would be this one!
  2. ALL of Percy's guitarists were truly and exceptionally great, and therefore my favorites! Does no one here recognize that Robert ALWAYS has the best musicians? Aside from Jimmy Page, we have: Robbie Blunt, Francis Dunnery, Kevin Scott MacMichael, and Justin Adams, to name a few-- all world-class! However, the most underrated guitarist of ALL TIME might just be Doug Boyle. One critic said Boyle played like "Jimmy Page on steroids." Anyone who has heard Boyle's guitar solos will understand why!
  3. Has anyone here heard this concert? It has pitifully few views for such a GREAT performance-- perhaps because it lacks video! Please check it out, and tell us what you think!
  4. NEW IDEAS FOR ROBERT PLANT: I'm not sure if I should start a new thread, as my post is related to the topic of this thread. Perhaps this belongs in a new, separate thread. RP did indicate that his career has run his course, and that he was out of ideas. I have several new ideas for RP albums of music, which, of course, RP will never see, unless someone here knows him personally: 1) First of all, finish, produce, and release the album you did with Buddy Miller in 2011. You don't have to tour behind it, just put it out there. 2) An album of duets with Olivia Newton-John would be amazing!!! Oliv
  5. Well, I guess I don't understand music like some of the posters here, because I really LOVED (and still do) WIC, and every song on it! I just don't get all the dissatisfaction with the mixing, etc. Jimmy's guitar sounds GREAT and crystal-clear to me, and Robert sounds like, well, Robert! What more could you want? BTW, why has no one mentioned "House of Love?" Now, that's an awesome song, propelled by Michael Lee's thunderous drumming, and some typically magnificent guitar work from Jimmy!
  6. Has Robert abandoned all the new songs he wrote with Buddy Miller in 2011? He had an album nearly done many months ago. Of course, I'm thrilled about the tour with Justin Adams, et al, especially since I missed the Mighty ReArranger tour in 2005. Nonetheless, I was really looking forward to more music with Buddy and Darrell. Just wondering, does anybody here have any knowledge or insight into this?
  7. Clarksdale is on the Mississippi River, but not in the delta region. That would be the "toe" of Louisiana. Anyway, I'll probably just watch on YouTube.
  8. Robert did a show in Philly on May 23, 1988-- and it was GREAT!!! (Of course!) He and his band ROCKED the Spectrum HARD that night to a very enthusiastic audience! Doug Boyle showed himself to be a first-rate guitarist, with his magnificent solos and virtuoso playing! They did a few Zeppelin numbers, too! Quite a brilliant performance-- truly top-notch, and as good as I've ever heard from any band!
  9. You can find all these concerts and many more at greatlivecds.com. I did and was extremely pleased. Also, the prices are super-low! Lots of Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin, Page/Plant, and many other artists, too. I highly recommend this website to everyone. The May, 1988 concert in Philadelphia, in particular, is absolutely stunning! Plenty of great guitar riffs and solos. Doug Boyle at his best!!! (Same for L.A., 1990. I'd love to have those two, especially, on DVD, they're not on Youtube.)
  10. Administrator: on the led-zeppelin.com site, you had a GREAT lyrics section, all organized by album! Those lyrics were a major draw for me, and probably a lot of other fans! Unfortunately, when you dropped the hyphen from the site's name, you also dropped the lyrics!!! As RP sang on "The Battle of Evermore," "Bring it back.... bring it back.... bring it back....bring it back. Oh, now, oh, now, oh, now, oh (bis), bring it, bring it, bring it, bring it BAAAAACK!"
  11. Speaking of lyrics.... there used to be a "lyrics" section on led-zeppelin.com. It was really GREAT, and so convenient! All arranged by album! When he dropped the hyphen, the Administrator also dropped all the lyrics! Why, oh, WHY did he do that!? That was a major part of the appeal of the old site! I know it's a bit off topic, but I didn't know where else to ask this. Man, I really enjoyed those lyrics! (For those interested, robertplanthomepage.com has all of RP's solo lyrics. Maybe that site could also give us Led Zep lyrics, since they did a beautiful job with the solo lyrics.)
  12. All of RP's work is totally outstanding! If you want something heavy, then Manic Nirvana is a great choice; Doug Boyle's scorching guitar is just amazing. Fate of Nations had the most radio hits and is a truly great album replete with truly epic tracks-- a real classic. But honestly, just like the mighty Zep, RP has had only stellar albums and songs. If you want the most bang for your buck, get the Nine Lives Box set, which is all remastered with plenty of bonus tracks, an interesting booklet, and a DVD with a 66-minute interview plus 20 music videos, all for $100 or less. Or get Sixty-six t
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