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  1. I hereby invite Led Zeppelin to play in Kamloops, B.C. , Canada.
  2. What would you say to the members of Led Zeppelin if you had a chance? I'm sure they get 'Oh I just love your songs' all the time. Maybe they even get sick of it, and desire a 'regular' conversation for once, I dunno. Perhaps something totally unique would be in order. Ideas?
  3. Ron


    Here's my new song: I'm going to camp out overnight, overnight, overnight. I'm going to camp out overnight, overnight to get zep tickets, YAAY!! Unless it's at this here dude's house, here dudes house, here dude's house, because if it's at this here dudes house, then I'll just camp out for a week, YAAY!! or maybe, maybe, maybe I'll camp out for a week anyway, YAAY!!
  4. O.k. , then how DOES one become an official fan club member? Anyone here know?
  5. It sounds like a 'recorder' to me. I don't know if it's 'synthesized' , but I doubt it, because the live versions (with keyboards) never sound anywhere as good, for that part of the song.
  6. Cool. I don't think they'd do a 'lottery thing' for every city in their (hypothetical) up-coming world-tour, however I now think they'd do a certain number of tickets this way, as I've been notified recently by Robert Plant's site about advance sales for his current tour. They just did a great show, and they'd probably like a break from all the hype and questions regarding a possible up-coming tour, especially considering that Robert Plant's got other touring plans for the next while. After that, though..... YEE HAW!!
  7. I think 'multi-track' albums WILL happen due to this digital age, and I think for sure Jimmy Page will make Zep a big part of it. I'd love to 'tweak' the reverb on Robert Plant's vocals, as well as hear it without reverb (also the drums). I'd like to eq all the various tracks myself, and try 'tape-flange' on all of Jimmy's guitar tracks. also, I'd like to just purely hear Robert's vocals, without anything else, and maybe lay down some of my OWN guitar, and vocals as well I WANNA JAM WITH JIMMY PAGE!!! I'd love to say to my friends... here's me with LED ZEPPELIN!!! PRODUCED BY RON!!! Who kno
  8. Hi! My name is Ron, and I LOVE LED ZEPPELIN (them and The Beatles are my favorite bands)! I believe that THE ZEP WILL TOUR. I feel it will happen shortly after Robert Plant finishes up with that country gal (does anyone know if he's doing zeppelin songs with her? Battle Of Evermore maybe?) I feel they'll do this , because they apparently did SO WELL in London, recently, and... They sure loved to tour 'back in the day' (my dad saw them six times). Think of the fun everyone (all-of-us) will have!!! They'll of course have fun too!! Do YOU think, like I do, that they'll do a WORLD
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