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  1. Hey Docron, I have to disagree about the radio. I live on the East coast of the US and there is not one rock station that doesnt have a daily Led Zep block! True the regular play list only plays a few of the so called hits, but the Zep block is always deep and different. Also I was 12 when Zep ended yet everyone I grew up with in the eighties loved Zep and hated all that 80's pop stuff. As a matter of fact in the my high schools yr books favorite band of class of 86,87,88,89....guess who? LED ZEPPELIN!!! and they werent even a band anymore!!!!! Maybe its different out your way, but thats not my experience, but I am old compared to you (39).
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    I have an old boot on tape, i believe its texas early 70's where plant says to a guy in the audience, "and if now sir, if you'll leave that young lady alone we'll got on with it!!"
  3. The Zeppelin members hate that book and say its not accurate
  4. I am also surprised by this, I knew he used one in the passed, but i read a story about how he was making his bass pedal really tight in rehearsal, and then making it looser at gigs, so it would feel easier/faster. i thought that was because he was going to use one bass. He has said he doesnt have his fathers foot, but I think he bangs with his hands almost as hard. He sounded awesome on For you Life and The Song remains the same, as far as the bass goes...
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