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  1. I started as a fan in 1979, and then it was over., I have ALWAYS wanted to see them, I couldnt get tix to Atlantic Reunion and the R&R hall of fame was $25k!!!! My only real chance was The 02, and it really bothers me that trash like Paris Hilton got to go, and I guarantee she knows NOTHING ABOUT Zeppelin! They should have done at least one other show in NY or LA for the real fans. That being said, after seeing the 02 show, I am o.k with them not touring, not because of any reason that, I dont think Robert could do it a few nights a wk as he has said. but also because I spent yrs defending Zep to my peers who never saw them, because they thought they were terrible because of Live Aid and Atlantic! The 02 was a perfect end and an IN YOUR FACE to every other Rock band on the planet!!!!
  2. What a disappoinment.... First off, shows how Dave is NOT funny. Shows how he is terrible as an interviewer, I didnt hear one interesting question. and last they couldnt throw us a bone and play even an acoustic song!
  3. If Letterman asks the reunion question, I hope Robert punches him right in the face!
  4. I said this on the other post, but.. why couldnt they do one acoustic song, just the three of them? Is it that difficult? I think that would be easier for Robert and more in the vain of what he is doing now? They seem to be getting along great, so why not? Doesnt even have to be a zep song in my opinion.....
  5. I think the most amazing thing about The Celebration Day concert, is the fact that its just the four of them on stage. They still have the power coming out, with just the four musicians! Thge Who, The Stones, all the older groups have like 10 other people on stage! Thats just a testament to the talent of THE Mighty Led Zeppelin! Just THE best!
  6. Glicine, I thank you sir for your comment earlier in the post! Bottom line: The whole Zep/Robert/Jimmy/ JPJ frustrates the crap out of me!!! I just love the damn music!!! Nuff said!!!!
  7. How did I know that at some point the discussion would turn ugly??? I just sat back and watched it evolve into BS!! My point was that I find it frustrating to be a Jimmy fan since the end of Zep! I knew all his performances in the big list the one guy wrote, trust me I have every performance of Zep (other than Jasons wedding) and many of Jimmy since 1980. What is perplexing to me is, since the reunion, he has said numerous times how fun it was and all indications were he WANTS (keyword here people pay attention) to get out and play more. Not that he HAS TO (another keyword people). That being said, I'm the greatest rock guitarist of all time , but I can't find anyone to sing with me other than RP. that makes no sense to me at all. I'm not knocking Jimmy or Robert for that matter, I'm just saying I can't imagine why he hasnt been out there playing when he seems like he really wants to. Other than a health issue, which I'm not aware of any. My real hope is he is working on something in secret (with JPJ I HOPE!) to avoid the scum that is the press and all the opinions out there. If he can get some good music recorded and a band together without all the hoopla, than he can just drop a bomb on us and announce some dates!! not very Jimmy like, but in my experience any Jimmy/Zep stuff seems to come almost out of nowhere!
  8. I am perplexed at the fact that almost two years after the reunion, Jimmy has done nothing? I mean as far as New Music/tour. He seemed so happy to be playing again and out there, and then nothing!!?? He's not getting any younger! I don't see why anyone his age would waste a minute? Granted maybe he was let down by Robert passing on a tour, but he is the greatest guitarist of all time, I mean he can do anything he wants and I am sure people line up to play with him. It is just sooo frustrating being a Jimmy/Zeppelin fan after 1980!!!! After the Atlantic reunion, things looked hot-nothin After Knebworth 1990-nothin They finally rock it in the 90's and now nothing. Many less talentd musicians get out there and do it, but these guys drive me nuts!!!
  9. The Allmans basically screwed Dickie anyway. Granted he's had his drug problems, but Greg Allman has nerve calling ANYONE a drug addict, he was shooting up until 1995!!! Dickie is a way better guitar player than Derek and he wrote 90% of the Allmans hits! I have seen the Allmans many times with Dickie and I refuse to see them w/o him. I have seen Derek, he is good, but he's not Dickie. There is NO Allman Bros without Dickie in my eyes. Who wants to see them, and not here Blue Sky or Liz Reed????? Ridiculous! I could care less what a musician wears, just play man!!!!!
  10. KidLed

    Reunion reports?

    Already ben discussed and analyzed JPJ NEVER SAID THAT, PERIOD!
  11. Lets hope SOMEONE has the gumption to ask Jimmy about "The project" and about touring himself/new album!!!!!!!!
  12. Thats a bunch of horse cookies!! No one would have gone to any of his shows over the yrs without the hope of hearing Zep songs live. I have no problem with him doing other things and what not, but there is no reason he cant do both. Dont give me the BS about being 60, because thats not even old anymore!!! I am a climber and guess what I will be climbing when I am 60 just like when I was 30!!! he would be nobody without Zeppelin, and would not have the freedom to do the things he has done in his solo career without having been in Zep. The idea that he doesn't rely on Zep for Money is ridiculous!
  13. oooooo a grammy, spare me who gives a crap about an award given by a bunch of music industry scumbags? Its as big a pc of garbage as an Oscar! I would love to be given an award by garbage! Spare me, the dudes right, plant sucks. the album is for old ladies and isnt even original. The only good song is written W/ JIMMY PAGE!!!! There is no reason JP,and JPJ shouldnt do something together, none zero. I dont believe for one minute Jimmy doesnt WANT to, I think he is letting the media and a bunch of music idiots get tthe better of him. Cmon Jimmy come out and blow this elevator music out of the water!!
  14. KidLed

    Ross's Diary

    I just hope its for a new Jimmy and whoever album, and he comes out pissed off and blazing!!! Album, Tour and an all around "F-YOU" rebirth of the best rock guitarist ever!!!!!
  15. Coda was an album of extaras and out takes, its not really an "album" of material that was supposed to go together. Granted love Darlene and a few others, but never heard of anyone liking it better than Houses? Over the hills, The Crunge, No quarter, I mean those are killer songs. Hey, to each their own....
  16. Personally, I liked more songs on CP than WIC, but they wont go again. I still think JP and JPJ should do something with or without Jason. Why is Page&Plant ok, but not Page&Jones? thats BS in my eyes. I also like the idea of Jimmy with a whole new band, but they MUST be unknowns, that would help make it fresh, 3 other hungry guys with new ideas and JP's new stuff, that would be cool.
  17. When did JPJ say the project was over? I have been on every site, everyday and have not seen that? frankly I think its ridiculous that 3 fabulous musicians cant find anybody to sing with them, its just absurd.
  18. Isnt it interesting the song the won for, other than the album......Please Read the letter, written W/ JIMMY PAGE!!!!!!
  19. You can all attack me on that one and I dont care because thats my opinion. But it is ridiculous that the other three cant find a singer. I forgot about mighty rearranger because it sucked so bad. I meant the other pc of garbage the Dreamland or whatever. And talk about ego, he said Im gonna donate money from the album, and he had to put in his own money because NO ONE BOUGHT IT! And he is NOT treading new ground because he has already done an album with Allison and T bone and all the songs are all done before usually many times. NOTHING NEW ABOUT IT! I didnt mean the way he was doing the songs was fired by youth, i meant the actual songs were fired by youth, just like Zeppelin songs are!!! His argument holds no water, he treaded on the old Zep ground twice in the 90's, did it mess things up? no!! You can defend his majesty all ya want but I think he has slighted Zep fans and Jimmy and JPJ, my opinion Im entitled to it. You wont convince me otherwise. And guess what I guarantee there are more Zep fans that agree with me than not! I know many who actually have seen Zep.
  20. What irks me about this situation is why would JPJ come out all gung ho about it if it wasnt a given? Dont tell me for one minute that these guys couldnt find ANY singer to work with. Thats just ridiculous. Roberts excuse about "treading old ground " is ridiculous as well, because he IS treading old ground by doing another album with AK. His whole career is about treading old ground, od blues, old rockabilly, old blue grass. They already proved they could do it at the 02 by whipping out For Your Life having NEVER played it live and it sounded like the album. His last solo album was all old songs THAT WERE FIRED BY YOUTH!!!!! Darkness, Darkness, Morning Dew don't even try and tell me those songs werent fired by youth!! If you dont want to do it, than screw all the fans and don't do it, but don't give me that lame excuse! Be a man and come out and say I dont want to do it because I am a selfish delicate artist with a huge ego! Now thats the truth! There is NO reason JPJ JP andJB cant do something absolutley none! Its ok for Page and Plant to tour But not Page and Jones? Horse cookies!!! Jones is more responsible for the sound than Plant!!
  21. If you are a true Zep fan you wouldnt read this piece of garbage that rips Jimmy. Robert is better than Jimmy because he released a bunch of sub-par albums? C'mon. Nobody even bought the last one before raising Sand! This guy is just another media loser sucking off someone else. I wouldnt come within 10 ft of that literary garbage. Its the new Hammer of the Gods, trash!
  22. Frankly, I think he's become a real snob! It says he skipped the red carpet, shocking! Maybe he doesnt want to answer questions about Led Zep, because no one cares about Raising Sand except music snobs! He says he doesnt care about the fans, he doesnt want to talk about Zep, I mean thats ridiculous because he would be NOBODY without both!
  23. I agree with ya man. Jason said he wanted to do it , JPJ said he wanted to do it, both in public. Why would JPJ who is the consumate pro, say they were going to do soemthing if they werent? Something stinks here. i'm glad they didnt used any of the mentioned people, none of them were right for it. However, hold an open auditon or something!!!!! it just doesnt sit right with me. I hope your right that Robert may come around. I doubt it, but I will never give up hope. He has changed his mind many times in the past on many levels, so ya never know. BUT, that doesnt mean the 3J's cant do something!!!!! Cmon guys, your killin us out here!
  24. you can blame the media for half the BS we hear. They are a disgrace to society. Not only are they ridiculously biased to the far left, but they constantly lie just to sell papers. what happened to fair and unbiased reporting? Non-existant in the cesspool of a society we live in today. Zeppelin will live forever, but Jimmy should still do something!!!!!!
  25. If it is Faces, than thats a joke! not only have most people over here never heard of them, but they were never even that good. Thats NOT a Big reformation!!!!!
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