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  1. Best wishes for a wonderful birthday, Jimmy! I hope that today is the beginning of another great year for you.

    It was a pleasant surprise to meet you again this past year. You still possess a singular enchantment that always came completely naturally to you. Thank you for being so charming, gracious, and considerate.

    Jimmy, you will always have my best wishes and my prayers.

  2. I realised it was in one of the articales I scanned for the cuttings thread that he said it was after talking with William Burroughs that he decided it go. He knew about Brian Jones's album (which I have and love. :D) I understood to be that too. I think Robert may have meant '75.

    You're right - I remember the mention of Brian's album now...and Jimmy mentioned it, I think, on one of his OTD posts. I love the album too.

  3. Hi MSG; you very welcome, I am glad some of these entries are still ok, not deleted by photobucket...

    Bigger version of the text here...

    ON THIS DAY… 18 JUN 1965


    On this day in 1965, I went to see John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers at the Pontiac Club in Putney, London. It showcased Eric Clapton’s magnificent mastery of the blues guitar. Eric came to stay at my home in Epsom that night as I had told him about the recordings and guitar sound I was getting from my
    We played together
    and tracks surfaced on the ‘Blues Anytime’ series on Immediate Records. I went on to produce ‘I’m Your Witchdoctor’ and ‘Telephone Blues’ with Mayall and Clapton, as well as ‘Sitting on Top of the World’ and ‘Double Crossing Time’.

    AUDIO: Miles Road - Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page

    Thanks so much for writing this out, PlanetPage. I really appreciate it and I will save this wonderful story along with the photos. I like how Jimmy mentions Eric Clapton's "magnificent mastery of the blues guitar." John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton is a fantastic album - I've been listening to it for at least half my life and it's still one of my favorites.

  4. This one is also one of my favorite and his picture for the background is beautiful. I am wondering if he photographed this himself. His and Robert's trip was at a very interesting time, not long before Robert's famous accident and the height of their tax exhile period. You're very welcome, MSG. I read recently that Jimmy said later that he wanted to go Morocco after being recommended to visit by William Burroughs (of course in Jimmy's outfit and pictures we love. :D)

    I am hoping that once Jimmy's Zeppelin obligations are over, he will return to checking in his site himself. I still check and always hope he'll update it with many more of his fasincating memories. :D

    AEN, I am not sure, I think I have forgotten perhaps, when did Robert and Jimmy first visited Morrocco, I know this has been discussed...however, Robert recently recalled Morrocco Trip, his post-Zep musical influences thereof...he recalled it to be 1972 with a tape recorded in hand, Jimmy and him recorded local music...that was in Bombay 1972, they do also have tape recorded in hand in Morrocco as well...I cannot understand or remember the exact first time they visited Morrocco...

    According to Jimmy in the OTD it was right after the last Earl's Court show which was May 25th. He said somewhere that he admitted to William Burroughs that time he had never been to Morocco before.

    AEN, thanks for jogging my memory about this, you are most up to date on this...Jimmy visited in 1975 with Robert. Robert I think already visited Morrocco in 73 I believe by himself? anyway, this lyrical part does not jive with me, I will look into this on my own for self clarification..


    I used to think that Jimmy's first trip to Morocco was in 1975 and that Burroughs convinced him to go during the interview/conversation in Burroughs's downtown loft, when he told Jimmy about Jajouka music. But then, in a more recent interview, Robert said he took Jimmy with him to Morocco in 1972 and showed him the Atlas Mountains...perhaps he meant 1975?

  5. 2 May'12




    Back to where I left off and what a momentous OTD. PlanetPage and Aen, thank you for archiving so many of Jimmy's OTDs - without you, I would have missed all this. This particular entry about Jimmy's trip to Morocco is fantastic as my husband and I made our first and best trip to Morocco not long after Jimmy and Robert visited. We were there in that moment when it still held its 60's and 70's vibe, in those last hours when hitchking was safe and the country was still populated by interesting artists and characters, and a few decades before the Djemaa and Essouraira began to heave with tourists and touts. I'm thankful to Jimmy for sharing little slices of his travels (along with his passport stamps) - it's given me a unique glimpse into his life as a traveler and encouraged me (not just to keep traveling) but to pull out my old passport pages and scan them to keep beside my vignettes and photos.

  6. I think this is a well-deserved honor for the kid who left the Iron Range, influenced many through his poetic lyrics, and became an American treasure. From everything I've read and heard about the man, Bob Dylan loves this country and its people in the way that Woody Guthrie loved it. I've spent many years in impoverished countries where freedom of speech (including protest songs) is not a right and not protected and, even in those places, we encountered people who could recite many of Dylan's lyrics verbatim.

  7. To my surprise and delight I saw that Jimmy featured on news story last night on the BBC, albiet for a couple of seconds. He was attending a party at the Royal Academy to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. I wonder what Jimmy actually thinks of the monarchy.

    The video for the story can be seen here:


    Thank you, Magic! Jimmy looks lovely...so much grace and class, he is royalty himself.

    I hope noone asked for his autograph or took video!

    Haha! :)

  8. I haven't picked it up yet but I am interested in reading Gregg's new memoir, My Cross To Bear. He's certainly been promoting the living shit out of it recently. I haven't caught all of the interviews but I have seen a few, including his appearance on CBS This Morning earlier this week where he was interviewed by Charlie Rose and Gayle King. As always, the line of questioning by Charlie Rose was measured and well researched. On the other hand, Gayle King had no place in that interview whatsoever. Gregg had to be downright embarrassed. I know I was and I wasn't even the one in the line of fire.


    Thanks for the interviews. I think Tavis and Charlie are excellent and I look forward to almost all of their interviews. I'm not familiar with Gayle King but I wasn't impressed with what I saw of her segment of the interview. I still consider Gregg to be an incredibly important musician and I would have personally granted him more respect (or empathy).

    Midnight Riders,read it a long time ago,... accurate?

    Anjin-san, I read that book a long time ago too and I remember thinking it was excellent even though Gregg (and maybe Dickey too?) declined to be interviewed for it. I'm curious about Gregg's book and will probably read it - he may give us some insights into Duane and the band that only he can provide.

  9. This was the 4th night out of 6 and the band delivered another great show. Jimmy really lets it rip during the Nobody's Fault but Mine solo. In My Time of Dying is a great version with Rip it Up tagged on the end. They also play a rare encore of Communication Breakdown. All in all Jimmy is playing beautifully at this show.


    The Song Remains The Same

    Sick Again

    Nobody's Fault But Mine

    In My Time of Dying ~ Rip It Up

    Since I've Been Loving You

    No Quarter

    Ten Years Gone

    The Battle of Evermore

    Going to California

    Black Country Woman

    Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

    White Summer ~ Black Mountainside


    Trampled Underfoot

    (Out On the Tiles intro) Moby Dick

    Jimmy Page solo~ Violin bow

    Achilles Last Stand

    Stairway to Heaven


    Whole Lotta Love ~ Communication Breakdown



    No Quarter


    DavidZoso, thank you for all of the beautiful photos and for the setlist (and for identifying which song was played during each shot). The Kashmir photo is especially nice - beautifully clear. I never attended a 1977 concert so it's strange for me to see Jimmy standing at the footlights of the stage, playing No Quarter, with a cigarette burning in his mouth.

  10. Yes, he did but I had to look it up to confirm. I've never followed the Atlanta Rhythm Section all that closely so that news passed me by. Back when I first heard of them I wasn't all that taken with them but after a friend filled me on what good musicians they are (and were), I decided to check them out the next time they came to town. I probably saw them around 3 times back in the 80's when they'd play Roadies in Goldsboro, NC. My friend was right, they were (and still are) damn good musicians and I always enjoyed seeing them live.

    That's similar to how it was with me too: I wasn't all that taken with ARS at first but a friend (who was more more adept than I at identifying good musicians and bands) persuaded me to check them out.

    I'm shocked how many musicians are dying. Maybe I just never noticed before.

    I think there have many more this year than in the past (it seems there is at least one a week, sometimes more). I usually don't notice such things but this year seems to have been exceptionally bad for the music world.

    I haven't researched it or anything but I think it's safe to say there has been an inordinate amount of musicians that have passed away so far this year. Also, you have people like Booker T (of Booker T and the MGs) posting about the passings of folks like Chris Ethridge (Flying Burrito Brothers) on their Twitter/Facebook feeds. Unfortunately, even the majority of the mainstream music press doesn't even report these deaths so in all likelihood, we wouldn't even hear about them otherwise. In fact, it was Booker T that first posted about Levon Helm falling ill again several weeks ago before it was ever reported by the mainstream press. Most of those outlets didn't even mention it until Robbie Robertson gave Levon a shoutout during the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies shortly after Booker T's post on Twitter. That's the world we're living in in 2012. I don't have a hard time dealing with it, especially when the source is a credible one such as Booker T but that isn't always the case.

    I hesitated about posting about Chris Ethridge's passing here. My friends and I had followed Chris's career from the Burritos through his session work (he played with some of our favorite artists) so we discussed his life and career at length when he passed. I wasn't sure if it would be of interest here so I didn't post (maybe you did and I missed it).

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