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  1. Oh thank you for sharing, MSG! I think that was so lovely to learn. Delightful! :D

    Jimmy is so sweet and gracious about tonight's. I remember being so hurt for him, but I am so happy he was credited.

    My pleasure, AEN! :)

    I agree that Jimmy was very gracious (then again, when hasn't he been? ;) ).

    ...Indeed MSG - how fortunate we all are after all of the decades we all still part of each other's lives...God Bless James Patrick Page - his beauty and charm still makes this world more beautiful...

    ..Thanks for sharing your legacy with Led Zeppelin...it is true we move on, we all had to at various stages....and I picked up Zep where you left off late '74-early '75 I remember going to stores with my friends and looking at Jimmy/Robert's photos (barely able to read English, but I was beginning to understand how the Entertainment Rock Groups work in this part of the world (I never thought people could sing their own songs, limiiting only to films in Indian Cinema, so it took a while for me to understand just what Led Zeppelin was, a group of people who could actually sing their own songs) (as you already know from your travels, a song in Indian FIlm Industry goes through several transitions to final composition...

    ...'77 remains my most cherrished year... 1st year of High School, Zeppelin so Popular, unbelievable......and Bonham's passing (which I still remember hearing the news, and realizing in my heart to be very sad and frightening, and made me wonder about myself, the young people and my complicated cultural surroundings - after this in the early eighties, it was time to move on to New CIty and College...

    ...and MSG, Do I ever remember the strong dangerous fumes of DDT Spraying in our neighbourhoods in early 70's in India...who would think it was dangerous...it was just accepted order from Government, no protests...LOL!!!

    You're welcome, PlanetPage...and thank you for sharing your background as far as discovering LZ, struggling to read the fan magazines in English, and trying to understand how culture (music and otherwise) worked in this part of the world...it was very moving for me to read this as I remember how so many young Indians have worked to keep the old and new countries/traditions/cultures as part of their world...the complicated transition is never an easy one.

  2. http://MSGLZ.jpg

    ...and that you were so very beautiful, and that you live to tell today.....

    Isn't that the truth? Good to be alive in 1975 and even better to be alive today.

    My second to last LZ concert...a few days later it would be the last time I would ever see all four play together. But it was time to move on (sort of like a "To Sir with Love" moment). My best friend and concert-going sidekick was graduating early, leaving for college and Europe (and I would follow her the next year). The days of giggling girls, hair straighteners flashing about, hair dryers buzzing, music blaring, getting dolled up to go see the LZ guys were coming to a close...time to turn the page on that phase of our lives.

  3. ....MSG and I spoke about the Architecture of British Era here is the cover photo of Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (formerly Victoria Terminus)

    commemmorating Queen Victoria...




    This was one of my favorite OTDs (although there have been many favorites). :) The sitar version of White Summer and his descriptions of his trip to India were wonderful...and so familiar. The flights we took to India in more recent years have arrived in the morning but years ago, as with Jimmy's, our first flight arrived in the middle of the night...and it was surreal. I don't remember the plane being sprayed with insecticide but at our hotel (where the Air India crew also stayed) our luggage and the halls were routinely dosed with something that looked and smelled like DDT.

    That's a beautiful photo of the magnificent Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. One of our favorite cities for viewing the gems of the Architecture of British Era was Kolkata/Calcutta.

    AEN and PlanetPage, as always, thank you for the links.

  4. Thank you for your kindness,Steve.I've sent you an e-mail.

    Thank you for your warm and gracious comment,MSG!Yes,we were very sorry that Jimmy didn't visit Nagasaki because of the great disaster,but I'm sure he will come to see Japanese fans again in the near future.I was really fascinated by Jimmy's outfits and I was sure again that he had been very thin and had a great style.Of course Charlotte's ones were also beautiful.I also love her native American dress.Though we don't understand it in the photo,the hem of the dress is asymmetry line.I think it is so cute.

    It isn't permitted that we freely take pictures in the museum in Japan,so I could not get any photos inside the museum.I feel so sorry for it.

    You're welcome, Alice. I hope that Jimmy and many of us who love Japan will have an opportunity to visit again soon.

    I couldn't tell if Charlotte's Native American dress from Eric is an antique - but the turquoise and silver necklace and the pair of moccasins look authentic and antique (not reproductions) so I think the dress is an antique too. I don't know it was intentionally cut asymmetrically or if that was the way that the suede naturally stretched during the years.

  5. I miss David... funniest person I've ever known. Here's some pics I've posted before from the session:

    post-5-0-07626500-1328063086.jpg post-5-0-69471700-1328063086.jpg post-5-0-47849700-1328063087.jpg post-5-0-58975000-1328063088.jpg

    Thank you for sharing the memories of your friend, Sam. From everything I've read about Lord Sutch he sounded like quite a character and a very lively man. Was this series of photos taken at the Mystic Studio? Do they date from the same time as that well-known photo of Jimmy and Lord Sutch on the roof of a building in Hollywood?

  6. I saw a trailer for this 3-part series earlier, Jimmy Page is in it: http://www.bbc.co.uk...rammes/b01b4x9g

    Starts next Friday at 9pm.

    Thank you, Ady. I'm a bit behind so my husband and I just viewed part 2 last night. Both parts 1 and 2 that we've viewed so far have been excellent. Based on our own experiences growing up in the U.S. and experiencing the Brits rocking America firsthand, we think the creators of this doc did a great job depicting what it was like during those years. It was wonderful to hear all of the musicians reflect on that time and share their own perspectives and memories.

  7. post-1879-0-04885900-1328401524.jpg

    Some more info....

    The money shot, signing the contract:


    Apparently, Peter Grant & Mickie Most were in NY to also take care of some business with their other acts (JBG, Donovan, Terry Reid). There's a reference to a party/gathering at the Waldorf on Oct. 21st, with Grant and Mickie Most (no mention of JP yet). Beck's tour schedule indicates returning to NY, from Toronto on October 28th, remaining there until the 31st, off to Detroit for three shows.

    I don't think the exact date of the contract signing is known yet, but that's where these photos seem to originate (late October/early Nov). It's interesting that Beck seems to have been there for it.


    Beautiful photos. Turning points in the history of rock.

    Thank you for the additional info (including the press release on your timeline) for the photo you've unearthed, Sam. Now I can finally put a time (late November) to the blurb about the signing deal that I had clipped from RS but had marked only as "1968."


  8. LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles police say Don Cornelius, creator of the long-running TV dance show "Soul Train," shot himself to death Wednesday morning at his home.

    Officers responding to a report of a shooting found the 75-year-old at his Mulholland Drive home at around 4 a.m.

    A coroner says he was pronounced dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

    "Soul Train" began in Chicago as a local program in 1970 and aired nationally from 1971 to 2006.

    Such sad and shocking news, Anjin.

    RIP and Bless Don Cornelius...thank you for the music. My friends and I learned so many dance moves from watching Soul Train.

  9. 2ewcgwk.jpg



    I'm so happy to see that Jimmy acknowledged this epic 1969 concert on his OTD for January 31. Although I didn't live far from the Fillmore, I was too young to have attended...the Fillmore and the neighborhood around it were part of another world - one that I wasn't allowed to enter in 1969. I have several friends (who at that time were the older siblings of my classmates, we became friends later, when I was older and the gap between us wasn't so vast) who were at this show - they regularly went to all the Fillmore shows and they would share their stories with us....they still remember this night, seeing LZ at the Fillmore, as one of the greatest nights of music they ever heard, one of the greatest bands who made their debut on that stage. I have a long-time brother-in-law who was also there that night and I still love to hear him talk of his experiences.

    Aen, do you or anyone else here remember the name of the photographer who took this series of photos?

    I'm not sure why the 8mm film wasn't included, but here it is:


    ...Tks for posting this video....

    ....eternally grateful to Dennis DiMatteo, who was able to capture this moment in History and shared his special memory with the fans over time and for us to see This Day....

    His Comments....Review/Timeline...


    ...acknowledgment would have been great...

    I also would have liked to have seen Dennis DiMatteo's film acknowledged. Perhaps it wasn't because it was a silent 8mm film and the music was added later as opposed to an actual concert film, music and all? I don't know. In any case, his film footage and his special memory of that night are wonderful.

  10. Jan. 29/'12


    Thank you for capturing the images from Jimmy's OTD, PlanetPage. I've enjoyed discussing and looking at the images from this exhibition. I think it was such a romantic and beautiful time for fashion.

    I'm very happy that Jimmy puts ''The Exhibition of SWINGING LONDON 50's-60's:Design and Culture Revolution'' event on today's On This Day.I went to Tokushima Modern Art Museum to see this wonderful exhibition last October.

    This is one of the displays at Nagasaki Museum,where Jimmy must have had a talk show with Paul Reeves(designer)and Michael Whiteway(the event organizer) on last April. Both of them are Jimmy's long-time friends and they did great job for this exhibition. 1301888613_b.jpg(from Nagasaki keizai Shinbun website)http://nagasaki.keiz...z/headline/191/

    According to the advertising poster,the photos of guitars were taken by Scarlet Page, and the photos of Jimmy's outfits were taken by Hanako Whiteway for the pamphlet,who is a fashoin photographer and M.Whiteway's daughter.They really did good job too.

    I'm glad you were able to attend this exhibition, Alice. I remember that after the tragic earthquake and tsunami there was some question about whether the exhibition would go on as planned. I'm sorry that Jimmy was unable to attend - I remember reading the letter he posted expressing his regrets and mentioning how his family had cautioned him against going to Japan at that time, so soon after the disaster.

    I love all of Jimmy's and Charlotte's outfits and accessories. Charlotte's mod shoes that she painted with the paisley/psychedelic-type designs similar to those that were on Jimmy's guitar at that time are lovely. I remember reading Charlotte's comment about wearing those shoes when she was at The Pheasantry with Eric. I also love the Native American dress, moccasins, and necklace that Eric had given her. I think it's wonderful that Jimmy and Charlotte both took such good care of these remarkable clothes that they wore in the 1960's.

    If yourself or anyone else would like to send me scans of the pamphlet content I can commission a Japanese friend to translate it into English and then share it with the forum. I'm sorry to say the programs sold out immediately, before I could obtain one.

    Steve, I have some scans of the brochure from this exhibition and below each of the Japanese captions is a brief caption in English. The scans were given to me by someone who attended it so I don't want to share without asking for permission first.

  11. ...Hi MSG - tks for that recall....AEN27 already posted these in this link: Photos From Jimmy's Autobio...


    ...and Today's Entry Jimmy Looking absolutely Ultra Cool in Black....

    You're welcome, PlanetPage... :)

    Jimmy does look fantastic in that photo from Tokyo...he must have cut quite an elegant figure when he was out and about in the city.

    Thank you,PlanetPage,for putting today's OTD.Jimmy met Sofia Coppola in fact at this hotel on March, 2004.From Ross Halfin's diary(look at his entry of 10th),


    Park Hyatt Tokyo is Jimmy's very favorite and his recent usual hotel in Japan.My husband and I had stayed at this hotel in 2009.It was so quiet,luxurious and comfortable.


    This is facebook fan page of Park Hyatt Tokyo


    I remember when Ross posted that journal entry about the meeting between Jimmy and Sofia...I think the photos of the two together are beautiful.

    Thank you for the links, Alice. I've never stayed at the Park Hyatt but it looks like a very luxurious place. I'm sure the service is impeccable - wherever we've stayed in Japan (including at the old Fujiya), the service has been outstanding.

  12. ....and thanks for all of your wonderful thoughts as always MSG.....thanks for the heads up on this famous interview, I don't recall Jimmy making a reference to it in recent times, He did recall it briefly in his Special Cover Issue of Guitar World 1986 (Jimmy Page/Cover)...and we seen all the breathless photos taken from this magnificent event...

    ,,,,,The entire Band looked Oh-So-Beautiful and charismatic in 1975 in those classic Neil Preston Photographs...

    ...MSG and AEN27, I am glad you enjoyed the video I posted Road to Burma...this Region Jimmy travelled to has such timeless connection to Led Zeppelin....forever very special place in my heart - this world is very small indeed..........

    You're welcome...and thanks again for the magical video, PlanetPage. I think the meeting between Jimmy and Burroughs that took place in Burroughs's loft must have been a significant moment in Jimmy's life as he devoted two pages in his pictorial autobiography to it.

    That region of the world will always have a very special place in my heart too, PlanetPage.

  13. I do not mind these questions, MSG :D

    I have seen that picture with the long scarf around his neck and draped over his shoulder and interesting jacket has been credited to a Faces party that he went to in 1976. I wish I knew more and saw other pictures. He looks so beautiful. The guy with the hat I have the feeling is Bonzo that he is talking to.

    I do not know much about his interesting rings, but that picture was taken in January 1975 at the Ambassador hotel in Chicago by Neal Preston near the beginning of the North American tour.

    That is a wondeful story about the fan. I loved reading it. :D

    He's beautiful in all of these.

    I also loved when he did that too, AutumnGirl.

    I love the way he has his arms crossed over his chest, and look on his face in the pic on top. He has such a cute smile :wub:

    Thank you, aen! :D

    Someone told me that when Jimmy faced "the ocean" and crossed his arms across his chest it was like an embrace of them, an acknowledgement, a thanks. I don't know if that's true or not but it was a lovely gesture. One of my favorite post-concert photos...for me, there is a poignancy to this one:


    Aw, he's a cherub - love that story with the young fan backstage (it could have gone very differently back in those days, I realise)

    From everything I knew, saw, and heard about Jimmy I don't believe he ever would have taken advantage of a young fan who was just there to see him, to meet him, to say hello and wasn't looking for anything else. I honestly don't believe he was that kind of person (and I do realize that there were many musicians - and entourage members - who did take advantage of any situation that presented itself). I don't have any firsthand knowledge of the 1977 tour but talking to people who do have firsthand knowledge even then they don't believe he would ever have forced himself on an innocent or unsuspecting fan.

  14. 01/26/2012



    ...This is so sweet of him, to share his personal collection with the fans, I feel so priviliged, he is truly wonderful....

    ...AEN27, I know you enjoyed these photos so far from this region;

    here is a little video I found that links a trip from North East India/Burma Border by Road...and Calcutta not too far away from all of this...

    I also feel honored that Jimmy is sharing his wonderful photos with us - it is a privilege to see them. Somehow I am not surprised at all to see how good they are - he is an artist in every sense of the word. I also find it interesting to read what he has to say about his trips and to see the images that he has selected to share. I would love to see Jimmy put together another book - this time with photos (travel or otherwise) that he has taken himself and annotate each one.

    PlanetPage, that is a wonderful video - thank you! So close, yet so far...when we lived in India we traveled through Calcutta and then flew to Guwahati but never crossed into Burma....someday we will.

  15. I just wanted to tell you aen27 'thank you so much' for your wonderful works from Jimmy's official website on here almost everyday.And thank you for lovely and considerate comments,PlanetPage and MSG!I really think you are the REAL fans of Jimmy Page and whenever I read your posts I feel so happy. ^_^

    Thank you for your gracious comment, Alice!

    I can see his scarf flying too, I can assure you! :D

    Me too. I also love India and he makes all these places sound so wonderful and his pictures are inspiring!!! I am honared he is sharing them!!

    It is my honor to do it. He makes me so very happy, as you know, Alice75.

    I feel the same way, aen - very honored that Jimmy has chosen to share these private photos and his thoughts with his fans.

    ...Thanks for your wonderful and warm comments, AEN27, Alice75 and MSG.....I love the way all of the fans come here and celebrate the Gifted Musician, each in their own ways...

    Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, - This day January 25, 1975 is historic - Famed Photographer Neil Preston would photograph Led Zeppelin this day, the iconic shots backtage/on stage....I am sure every fan loves those classic shots, Led Zeppelin and the era captured by Neil Preston is heartbreakingly beautiful...all the smiles, the gathering at backstage...

    Here is review from Timeline/LZ.Com


    ...audio w/thanks to Conneyfogle - How Many More Times, Market Square, January 25, 1975

    One of the Memorable shots...What a time it was....


    You're welcome, PlanetPage...my pleasure. Thank you for adding Neal Preston's beautiful, iconic photos from the 1975 U.S. tour (and a video of the band's show for January 25, 1975). Jimmy was magnificent during those 1975 shows, the entire band was. The anniversary of Jimmy's 1975 meeting with the brilliant and consistently fascinating William Burroughs is coming up within the next two weeks (their meeting coincided with the band's concerts at MSG) and I am curious to know if Jimmy will acknowledge it on his OTD.

  16. jparmscrossed.jpg




    These are all so lovely, aen! Jimmy was incredibly beautiful and playing brilliantly in 1975. Do you know if the second photo is from one of TSRTS premieres? Jimmy looked great then too...he seemed so very healthy and happy. Is the ring that he's showing to the camera in the third photo the one designed as an ouroboros? Was this taken around the time of his meeting with Burroughs (early February 1975) or a year or so later? Sorry for all the questions.

    The last photo reminds me of a sweet memory that a woman just shared about meeting Jimmy at one of the 1977 MSG concerts. She was a young teen then and she was able to get back to where the band was and was able to meet and speak with Jimmy. She said that he was so nice to her, a young fan. Jimmy was her idol and she said he did not disappoint. Even though the meeting was very brief, Jimmy left her with a beautiful impression and a wonderful memory.

  17. background image from "www.Jimmypage.Com" 24 Jan. 2012


    Somehow I missed this the first time through. It's beautiful.

    ....MSG, I find your journeys incredibly fascinating as always...I hope you will get to see this magnificent Country....our elders have so much in common, that being in the Army, and Buidling -Engineers .... I totally understand your feelings to visit the places once your elders were connected to - I have seen many photographs of my father and Grandfather from his legacy with British Army/my father with Engineering District...all of the bridges built in those days, still stand today...The British in India had a certain "Aristocratic Standard"....unmatched today...The Quality incomparable to modern tech..

    ...and don't you just love the way Jimmy inspires you to see the world?...

    Thank you, PlanetPage! My father loved India so very much. How interesting about your father and grandfather! You understand that feeling, then, of wanting to go where they had been, where they had worked, and to see some of the things that they helped construct. The old bridges in India were wonderful feats of engineering. The quality of the infrastructure, including the train system constructed during those years, is still unmatched to this day.

    I do love the way that Jimmy continues to inspire me to see more of this world.

  18. I'll give Aen27 a day off, considering it was on time for once!post-15438-0-25914500-1327363293.png

    You didn't get it all.... :) You missed all of Jimmy's pictures and visa




    ...Such Beautiful Memory posted by Jimmy today - His words so humble, full of charm, beauty and Grace always, and always.........

    His Collection is stunning to say the least, I wish to see Jimmy actually in these photos (together with a scarf flying ;) ;) )

    His journeys are truly so amazing, his passion to see the people, the world, truly an expression of Gifted Artist...

    ..this photo I posted reminds me of India a lot, the bricks, the greenery, the Sunset, travelling by Train...haunting...

    What a beautiful OTD! I have to admit I envy Jimmy his trip to Burma. Very much so. His photos and description are, as always, enchanting! I wish I could see a photo of Jimmy in that remarkable setting too. I'm very moved by Jimmy's statement that it has always been an ambition of his to visit Burma.

    I've wanted to visit Burma since I was a child and saw the photos and heard the stories my father told about his time there and in Assam during WWII. Although my husband and I have visited and lived in the countries surrounding it, Burma has remained elusive to us. I want to visit Bagan and I want to visit the passes and valleys my father flew over and walk the roads/highways that he helped build.

    For me, this was a magnificent and inspiring OTD.

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