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  1. i think this is the video you guys are referring too. around 4:35 you can see jimmy drool. Had a hard time believing this was actually jimmy when i first saw it he looks like a different person when he's fucked up. he looks and plays like he's either on or coming off of hard drugs. Anyways in the episode regina monologues the simpsons go to england homer says "There's Jimmy Page, the greatest thief of American black music who ever walked the earth." Disappointing to learn homer's not a fan of jimmy, although he still may be a fan of zeppelin.
  2. ha well the best zeppelin reference i've heard is in the movie step brothers when will farrell says "i'm going john bonham moby dick for real!" and then of course rubs his testicles over john c reily's drum set.
  3. No, your not alone I've looked for this at EVERY book store in the area. One store said that the book was out of print and that I would need to order it online.
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