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  1. Oh my god me again i can't believe it

  2. Carlos Castinada-A seperate reality further conversations with don Jaun i'm only on the 2nd book but they are amazing...if anybody has already read these can you tell me the 3rd book's title
  3. where do i start -i have minor OCD makes me do things in a precise order all the time and sometimes i've been told i can be a little bit annoying but not super annoying -i have long curly hair though i am a male -i've read 5 books about zeppelin and you may be thinking " why when the story is always the same" but there is always differences in every book -i play 3 instruments bass, guitar, and piano -i plan on being the coolest high school history teacher who ever lived
  4. oh my god finally someone else who knows who the kooks are...i havnt met anyone who knows about them and i never get to talk about them with my friends because they're very i sided when it comes to music...not that they listen to bad stuff (mostly classic rock) its just they wont except anyone else
  5. i love Led Zeppelinists...it could become a job or there could be a class offered at college called Zepology where you learn the ways of Zeppelin
  6. The Kooks, The Rifles, or Rose Hill Drive none will dissapoint
  7. No Jimi but you have Eddie Van Halen? Atleat Jimi's tone chages Eddie just sstays with his Hair Metal tone in almost every song...if guitars could fight Jimi's guitar would rape Eddie's frankinstien
  8. jimmy's birthday=january january=capricorn ZoSo=original astronomic sighn of the capricorn
  9. JPJ-LZ Jack Bruce-Cream (revolutionized bass for ever Flea-Red Hot Chili Peppers
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