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  1. Fully agree FON was a stunning album. Never understood why Robert didm't record solo stuff for years after this.
  2. I think when he does Friends it suits SSS as well as Babe. I caught Strange Sensation a few times and they were great. I didn't much care for the Krauss and BOJ stuff but i caught SSS on the last tour again. I said it before and I'll say it agan, there are quite a few Plant songs I'd rather hear them rework before some of the Zeppelin ones he does.
  3. The Dandy Wharols which i'm really looking forward too
  4. i kinda of agree as i really loved strange sensation and RP did say that he'd left them writing stuff when he went off to the states. Let hope for some new stuff. I never went to see him with Krauss and BOJ because tbh no matter how good musically it was i thought strange sensation wouldn't be topped with MOR Americana
  5. No, he actually played Big Log btw!!! ha! The answer is there if 9 of of 15 songs were Zep. That's a lot of good RP solo stuff being missed out I wouldn't go that far, Babe as the starting song was stunning and some of the others were really good. I think it was actually Black Dog that made me think ... ohh not again. His version doesn't do it justice.
  6. I know some people might not like this but I think Plant is almost doing too many Zep songs now. I was at Manchester last night and he pretty much said the same thing himself. Whilst I like a good Zep song as much as the next person i also wonder about the RP songs that don't get a chance very often that the Shapeshiftesr could really play with like Down to the Sea, Colours of the Shade, Your Man Said You Cried in Your Sleep Last Night, In the Mood, 29 Palms, Heaven Knows etc etc I must admit it was refreshing to hear Big Log last night. What do other people think?
  7. It was a good version but i think the version of Babe I'm Gonna Leave You that they start with was simply stunning. I must admit, Liam Tyson is really coming into his own as the lead player now.
  8. Should have packed in after BMF ..... ha ha ...... "Doesn't remind me" was pretty good but l crave for another Hands All Over or Loud Love
  9. I;ll take my yearly wander onto the board with the ame question..... anyone know if SS are dead in the water now. I've nothing against the Krauss stuff, it good bit SS were phemonenal.
  10. Good UK show last night in Manchester despite Billy Duffy's sound problems. Astbury was in full force. Has anyone else been to see them on this tour? TT
  11. .....who l must say IMO became one of the worst bands of that generation turning out terrible MTV based drivel. At the end they were totally unrecognisable from those earlier classics should as Loud Love and Hands All Over. Grunge / hair metal - whats the difference !!! some good and bad in both genres.
  12. I was even nearer, on the south bank on North Lincs. Got woke up and wasn't too sure if l was dreaming or not.... ha. My kids were staying over and my daughter mentioned something in the morning about "shaking in the night" so we looked on the bbc news and her maths teacher was on talking about part of his roof falling off. My 18yr old son slept through it and didn't know a thing. TT
  13. Single and looking !!! Gotta go back and read this but off to the gym in 5 mins..... .... this however does not make me fit !!!! It mean i'm trying to get fit !!!
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