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  1. The Dandy Wharols which i'm really looking forward too
  2. Should have packed in after BMF ..... ha ha ...... "Doesn't remind me" was pretty good but l crave for another Hands All Over or Loud Love
  3. Yer... Zep better pull their fingers out or those stadiums are going to be half empty !!!! Like WTF !!!!!! I don't think tickets sales would be a problem !!!! KKKKraaaazzzzyyyy !!
  4. I love the 1st Firm album and was playing it in my van yesterday. In my eyes it's a classic. 2nd one was good but l don't find myself playing it much. Reference Paul Rodgers, i love Free and Bad Co, it was the 80's and l lot of eople at the time were trying to put 80's sounding records out. I find the 1st Firm album one of the better of the era. I also don't think Zep should take any credit for Midnight/Swansong. They should have recorded it but they didn't. I find Rodgers singing good and Franklins bass playing really good. I can't imagine Midnight Moonlight without that bass style. lot of people carry songs for years with putting them out. Coverdale / Page - I've tried and tried but l can't listen to it,sorry ..... rock by numbers to me .. boring!! I love Whitesnake and Coverdale. The last live cd was great, a fine return to form. Outrider was OK but again don't find myself playing it as much as Plant's stuff. I think Jimmy should revisit the first Firm album and remix it as the sounds a little off and redone it could sound stunning. Go on Jimmy, make a new year task !!!!
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