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  1. Try catch the hotel where he stays. There´s only few where he might stay during his stay. Hotel Kämp is almost opposite of Savoy theater, across the Esplanadi (main boulevard in Helsinki) and it´s the best one in Helsinki.
  2. "How many days has it been since I was born How many days til I die Do I know any ways I can make you laugh Or do I only know how to make you cry" Leon Russel - Stranger In A Strange Land
  3. Deep Purple - Space Trucking Okay, I miss a one minute. Deep red are the sun-sets in mystical places. Black are the nights on summer-day sands. We'll find the speck of truth in each riddle. Hold the first grain of love in our hands.
  4. Snapped Zeppelin — the band were photographed outside Windmill Street by Dick Barnatt "In early December 1968, the four members of Led Zeppelin casually posed in front of a Jaguar car for a group photo taken outside the offices of the Impact Agency located on Windmill Street, just off Tottenham Court Road. Photographer Dick Barnatt recalls: “As they walked outside the office into the street there was a Jaguar car parked right outside. In those days there was little restriction to parking in side roads in central London. I suggested a group shot against the car and they agreed. I shot three photos in quick succession. One had a Royal Mail van going by, the other a Mini and the final one was clear of traffic. And that was it. The boys left. I took the film into the lab downstairs and the prints and contacts went back off to Atlantic Records. This photo session has gone on to become one of the iconic off-stage images of the group.”
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    Band Photos

  6. It might get going down, like this http://www.straitstimes.com/news/asia/east-asia/story/china-lawmaker-sought-the-authorities-after-basement-construction-creates-
  7. Where´s half of HMMT? Even though every song is shortened few minutes or seconds, but HMMT half of it? Is it because capacity of disc format?
  8. I second that, these "recordings" are the best what we can get, until someone invents a time machine.
  9. http://www.ottotolonen.net/mp3_fi.php
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    Robert's Hair

    GQ: After all these years, how on earth have you managed to keep your hair like that? Robert Plant: Well, I don't know. We could be quite serious about it. I just have been very lucky. My mother was a gypsy, and she had a lot of dark blood in her, and her hair was very, very thick—she couldn't even get a brush through it. So I have been very fortunate. And every time I go to cut it off, hairdressers refuse to do it. Read More http://www.gq.com/entertainment/music/201111/robert-plant-gq-music-issue#ixzz2RCt8zUZR So, maybe his mother was a gypsy then, and that why he has all his curly hair?
  11. So, what was in his FB site? People, you are so impatient.
  12. Wait and see http://ultimateclassicrock.com/jimmy-page-patterson-hood-song/
  13. It really seem that gums an´ moses takes over mighty Zep. Luckily Canadian "3 stooges" beat the arrowsmythes.
  14. Iron Maiden - Maiden Voyage. No it´s not that with giant Eddie. This is the "original" Iron Maiden back from 1970, kind of bluesy-prog-psych-rock
  15. Ditto, bootlegs are the only "real" music, show of the ability of the craftsmanship. However this (C D) is the very last time when we´ve got to chance to hear and see live Led Zeppelin. So maybe we must be pleased that we even got this one - with all it´s (some fixed) mistakes and cutouts. Perhaps we got - one day - "The Uncut Fan Version of The Celebration Day"? :accordian:So, now we just wait vinyl.
  16. Youngest was about 5 years with his dad and oldest about 60-65, by themselves .
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