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    "Genocide" doesn't have to mean murder. It can mean the destruction of a people as a cultural unit through destruction of their way of life. Expansionist policies in all countries with significant populations could easily be argued to be genocidal in that sense. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genocide#Coin...e_term_genocide In the sense that US policy required the mass displacement of native peoples and the consequent destruction of their cultures, it could be fairly argued to be genocidal. But such policies occurred also in Australia, so it is not unique.
  2. That's an album I have played endlessly. Not as much as "Made in Japan" though.
  3. Brian Eno - Before and After Science
  4. Agathon

    Band Name

    Why not just Pb, which is the chemical symbol for Lead? If anyone asks what PB stands for, make up something rude.
  5. The people on this forum have taste!! When the Levee Breaks is winning!!! w00t
  6. Is the gift card 1CD or a certain dollar value? If the latter, you can probably pick up two of the earlier solo albums for the price of one. I have seen Pictures at Eleven and The Principle of Moments discounted before. He hasn't really released a bad album, but if I was to pick the one to buy first it would be Now & Zen. It's transitional between his early 80s anti-Zeppelin synth dominated sound and the later more rock and roll oriented material. As a bonus, Jimmy Page plays on a couple of the tracks. I bought it when it first came out, and I have never tired of it. All the songs are very strong, and "Dance on my own" is really funny once you work out what it's about.
  7. Different strokes... I absolutely had to buy this as soon as it was announced. Anything with Krauss and Burnett on it would have been reason enough anyway. It was so popular that local stores were sold out the first week I tried to buy it. I think it is superb, but I am loath to compare it to earlier Plant solo material since it is a completely different ball game. Still it ranks up with The Principle of Moments and Manic Nirvana.
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