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    ♥PLAYING MY FLUTE!!!!!! <br />http://www.mateki.com/ <br /><br />♫LISTENING MUSIC: <br />♥♥♥LED ZEPPELIN♥♥♥, Claude Debussy, Rolling Stones, <br />Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, J.S.Bach, The Beatles, Within Temptation, ♥Sergiej Rachmaninov (Johnesy loves him...)♥, Alexander Scriabin, <br />XIX and XX century classical music <br />and of course GOOD ROCK!!!!!! <br /><br />
  1. Hi Martha?? How are you??? Why have you been gone for so long? I miss you ^^

  2. Grüsse aus Holland...deine Site sieht cool aus!

  3. Little, stupid, stubborn Bobby. Why thinks he that that bluegrass with Alison is better for him as Led Zeppelin. Hard rock would make him younger, I think, than such middle-old-beautiful-but-a-bit-boring bluegrass music...
  4. Martha

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Ohhh... I have the same problem... It's SOOO difficult to choose... :'( ... I love them both... ... My sister loves this (I too) and she wrote "Shut the door, turn out the light" A BEAUTIFUL VID MADE BY MY SISTER... Klick - "Jimmy in Dreamland"
  5. Martha

    Jimmy's Pants

    Just our sweet'n sexy guitarr god
  6. I think here you can write what are you doing... e.g. keep their photos in your bra , wall only tapeted with Zepp posters, hundreds ( ) of Zepp T-shirts itd. itp.
  7. Martha

    Jimmy's Pants

    Such: Come on, sit with me- look Jimmy VELVET BOM OMGH!!!!! WHAT IS HI DOING!!!!!!
  8. Martha

    Jimmy's Pants

    <GASPING, GROOLING> ...Who don't want to be this Guitarr... EKHMN!!! AWWW.... dirty thoughts
  9. I think it was for joking too... He said this to arouse interest for himself...
  10. Martha


    I will be working in a proffesion... I want to be a musican (flautist)... I was playing the flute since I was 8. And since then I'm going to the Music School. Now, I'm in the 3'rd class on the 2'nd degree...
  11. Yeah... he's hot like a chili !!!!!!!!
  12. ...without comment... Robert: One, two, three... I hyptnotise me... Jonesy: DON'T WORRY SUPER COMMANDANT JONESY IS HEREEEE!!!!!! Robert: Jimmy, Jimmy!!! LOOK WHAT I HAVE!!! My mum bought me a new bra!!! I'm better than you!!! HAHAHA!!!!!!
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