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    ♥PLAYING MY FLUTE!!!!!! <br />http://www.mateki.com/ <br /><br />♫LISTENING MUSIC: <br />♥♥♥LED ZEPPELIN♥♥♥, Claude Debussy, Rolling Stones, <br />Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, J.S.Bach, The Beatles, Within Temptation, ♥Sergiej Rachmaninov (Johnesy loves him...)♥, Alexander Scriabin, <br />XIX and XX century classical music <br />and of course GOOD ROCK!!!!!! <br /><br />
  1. Hi Martha?? How are you??? Why have you been gone for so long? I miss you ^^

  2. Grüsse aus Holland...deine Site sieht cool aus!

  3. Martha

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Ohhh... I have the same problem... It's SOOO difficult to choose... :'( ... I love them both... ... My sister loves this (I too) and she wrote "Shut the door, turn out the light" A BEAUTIFUL VID MADE BY MY SISTER... Klick - "Jimmy in Dreamland"
  4. Ich fahre im Mai für drei Tage nach Polen und meine Freundin ist aus Polen. Berlin ist auch sehr schön...

  5. Martha

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Yeah... he can kidnap me too... Lori was there 14... another MORE CONTROVERSIAL VID...
  6. Ich bin nicht aus Berlin. Ich wohne 50 km Suedlich von Warschau in Polen, aber mein Vater ist Schweitzer...

    Ich finde das in Deutschland es viel sauberer ist. Nich wahr? Hier in Polen ist riechtig viel unordnung und kriminalitaet...

    Tschuess, Martha.

  7. Martha

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    LOOK!!! About Led Zeppelin, especially Jimmy ( and Lori Maddox )... Some Woman of Led Zeppelin...
  8. hey! Ja ich bin auch aus Berlin. Schön jemand zu treffen der Musikgeschmack!

  9. MY NEWEST PHOTOS!!! THEY ARE ONLY A FEW MINUTS OLD!!! ps: I'm not so photogenic...
  10. A Led Zeppelin caricature... veeery sweet...
  11. OHOHOH... I'm a GREAT mixture... My mum is Polish, My dad is Swiss, but his grandmothers are (the first) from Italy and the other from France... I'm also 1/2 Polish 1/3 Swiss 1/8 Italian 1/8 France... But it isn't the end... My roots are in Norway ...
  12. EVERY, EVERY, EVERY THING!!!!!! Jimmy is sexy, 'cause he's Jimmy!!! I have no wiser explanation... Oh... so much beauty in ONE PERSON!!!
  13. hi!!! here I am!! I'm glad you liked!!! I'm also 15 and I also only know Led Zeppelin for about 5 months!!

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