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  1. Thanks so much for your efforts and for sharing this with all of us!
  2. Hopefully this finally puts an end to this. What's it been, almost 4 years since the original trial?
  3. The guys should be able to get together from time to time without it being a media story.
  4. A great song for sure and it turned out to be a fitting end to Zep's last studio LP.
  5. RIP Walter Becker One of my all time favorite bands.
  6. When compared to how Jaggar & Richards treated the rest of The Stones when it came to song writing credit, I would have to agree that Jonsey got a fair shake.
  7. This is some terrific information, thanks for posting it. Hopefully the media will pick up on this and expose The Randy Craig Wolfe Trust for what it really is.
  8. Who's the bigger scumbag, Malofiy or Skidmore? At what point does Skidmore actually act like the trustee to the estate that he's supposed to be?
  9. Did Led Zeppelin really win this case on a technicality, like Malofiy is claiming? I thought the judge just followed the rules and procedures of a standard copy write infringement case and it's not like he gave special treatment to Page & Plant because they are big rock stars. Anyway, I think that appealing this case and having the jury's verdict overturned would be very difficult.
  10. The sisters probably already had their cut of suit money spent. Too bad.
  11. Hats off to the jury for making the correct decision. Maybe the tide has finally turned on these over the top lawsuits.
  12. This doesn't sound good for Page & Plant. I thought the case was supposed to be judged on sheet music only?
  13. Most of the great ones have already been mentioned, but I'd add 5-13-1973, Mobile, Alabama. That's my favorite No Quarter from the 1973 tour, excluding the official TSRTS release.
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