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  1. Followers of Crowley are nonces in my opinion... I have to forget that part of Jimmy manually. He is still my favorite musician and from what I can tell a good all around person, hopefully he is less a fan of Crowley in his older age.
  2. They are really @#cking good !! Just watched a couple of vids.....they look they are having fun too ..quite important.
  3. Don't be, the Fox Theater area is very safe, Comerica Park, Ford Field, all within a rocks throw. Plenty of parking very lit up etc...watch out for scammers charging to park in a lot they don't however own though.
  4. June 30 1980, Knebworth from DVD, and the best performance of which no video and an audience audio recording is the second night of the Victoria Theater shows 1979...everyone is on fire through the whole show especially Jimmy...the dexterity is back along with riffing improv stuff from the good old days!!!
  5. Overall the most influential group of musicians the world has seen yet .
  6. Led Zeppelin is #1 for sure but The Allman Bros are top 5 material IMO.... Their current shows when they play are superb , and Warren Haynes ( and Derek Trucks , heck the whole band ) is a musician's musician.
  7. Does anyone know why ALS was dropped from the setlist after the Atlanta show in 95 ?? It was a good version , Robert & Jimmy looked into it, and crowd reaction was outstanding ! Did it hit too close to home or stir up emotions too much ?? I've been curious for a while about this.
  8. Thumbs up to your post !! Do I remember something about Jimmy guesting with Slash and Joe Perry on something several years back that never was released ?? Something being done in L.A. ??
  9. You know it's completely honorable for Jimmy to have been low key for large sections of time over the past 10 yrs. Did he not have a family with young kids ?? Jimmy also played on one or two tracks on the most recent Jerry Lee Lewis album , RnR for sure , maybe one more ? Mick Wall.....well deserving of a good ass-kicking !
  10. All of what you said yes and then I ad the drums, the ascending and descending guitars, the guitar -vocal interplay squawk near the end , all the layered riffs and mini solos, hell the lyrics too !! I am probably forgetting something but ALS is the song that touches me most. Absolute natural high every time !! To me and we all no about those darn opinions... this track is the finest Zeppelin track and the finest rock track of all time !!! Must be played loud !!!!!!!
  11. RAH 1970,NY 73 ( TSRTS Shows 3 of them ) Seattle Kingdome June 77, Knebworth Aug 4, 11 1979 , May 24&25 ? 1975 Earl's Court , 2007 02 Arena , Rumors of some more but no add'l info have I. Lots of clips on this site look to be better than just Aud shot but who knows . Also heard of possibly the Silverdome 1977 but I think it may have been the tape from the vid screens , along with the Houston possibility I have heard discussed .. who knows . Ooops sorry , I didn't read the post well and skimmed to the first reply , I think you got em all !!
  12. I disagree about it being that bad , it's not the best but not the worst. I read somewhere Jimmy smoked a joint sometime near Stairway during that show and that may have something to do with the length. It does have a good bit of the melancholy , heavy on the bending , slow, trippy kind of soloing that was fairly common during some of the 1980 shows. I think he had a different kind of buzz going so he lost track a bit ! SIBLY on that tour had some similar sounds during the solo as well.
  13. I agree , four piece, new name , new material ( no rythym guitar in shadows ) Plus Jonesy appears to be very motivated , and that I think will be ( has been already ) contagious and also hopefully breed creativity.
  14. Here's my 2 tied favorites , curious of the feedback... June 30 1980 Frankfurt ( sbd ) Victoria Theater 1979 ( 2nd night ) and from there it's a little from all the other years but usually only soundboards excluding the Victoria show as it's outstanding quality-wise.
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