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  1. Don't be, the Fox Theater area is very safe, Comerica Park, Ford Field, all within a rocks throw. Plenty of parking very lit up etc...watch out for scammers charging to park in a lot they don't however own though.
  2. Does anyone know why ALS was dropped from the setlist after the Atlanta show in 95 ?? It was a good version , Robert & Jimmy looked into it, and crowd reaction was outstanding ! Did it hit too close to home or stir up emotions too much ?? I've been curious for a while about this.
  3. All of what you said yes and then I ad the drums, the ascending and descending guitars, the guitar -vocal interplay squawk near the end , all the layered riffs and mini solos, hell the lyrics too !! I am probably forgetting something but ALS is the song that touches me most. Absolute natural high every time !! To me and we all no about those darn opinions... this track is the finest Zeppelin track and the finest rock track of all time !!! Must be played loud !!!!!!!
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