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  1. Look at the "Photos" section on this forum...
  2. I figured I'd just join you!
  3. Only the obvious and right now cant seem to find my other ones
  4. That's what I had..could not confirm with timeline pics...Thanks
  5. Anyone know when and where this was?..
  6. This morning on Wikpedia My link , A zeppelin knot is one of the strongest,most secure knots which you can use to tie two pieces of rope together. It is easy to undo, doesn't jam and only takes a minute to learn!
  7. Thank you for sharing!! Not to step on any BOJ moments( I actually enjoy slow songs of his too),but........Very refreshing to hear him actually belt one out with some emotion! Does Robert miss Justin and Strange Sensation too?
  8. c4plant

    A theme...

    OH MY!!!!!!!! Need we say more??!!!
  9. With a little help from Lemon Squeezings on Robert's facebook, This is truly entertaining!! We love you Robert
  10. Thanks for sharing! This is the energy we've all been waiting for!! Please hear us Robert!!
  11. Thanks Deborah!!!Very Funny!!!! Robert kept trying to be his usual joking self and most of it seemed to go right over her head!!!Very amusing!! Thanks again for sharing!!
  12. Is this the one? Looks like Maureen to me... Originally I was thinking of a different pic, have not been able to locate yet.
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8D4zzCW1ztE&NR=1http:// http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2nojrXtNss&feature=fvwrel
  14. I was in Portland and he never signed anything...in fact they wisked him away with a towel on his head! I was ever so bummed,but read in a number of places on this forum that they usually do rush him through with something on his head....but now see this the very next day!Should we in Portland take this personal?!I thought he loved us over here!
  15. I'm sure that Steve, among others, could confirm(or not),but I have it as Mar.8 1970 Munich Germany
  16. I know i was oh so very tired when I posted these pics...but would greatly appreciate anyone helping me with these pics.I'm guessing the first little one is circa '75 or '76?. Thanks again.
  17. Any info on these pics would be greatly appreciated.......
  18. Should I know what Robert is holding?
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