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  1. Little Wing- jimi hendrix
  2. good morning, good morning- the beatles
  3. Oh shit, the business traveller guy? Man, he did not seem like the type to do this-lou dobbs maybe, but Quest? Man I'm going to miss business traveller.
  4. Ulrich also said that the new album will be like the missing link between ...and justice and the black album, which can only be good. as long as hammet plays a solo i'm confident this will be one of the biggest albums of the year
  5. The Who Live at Leeds took me so long to find this but it was worth it
  6. The "graphic anguish" in the middle of dazed and confused was what kept the momentum of the song going!
  7. Beck's a psycho, he could never pose a threat to jimmy
  8. The small press was so much more supportive for zep in the early days
  9. excellent essay, but aren't the stones way better? Kidding
  10. Have they never heard of allman brothers at fillmore east?
  11. Excellent. Any chance of a similar book for RP and JPJ?
  12. Whole lotta love for me too. It was brilliant. i still remember the first time............... Ilistened to it.
  13. I think that zeppelin kept going where the stones left off. they are the missing link between rock as it was back in the day and rock as we know it today
  14. I tried the solo on communication breakdown, i'll never try it again
  15. achilles last stand was amazing. just when you thought with all the drug use and weight gain, bonzo was finished, he comes back with a beat that sounds like a hundred stallions galloping in the desert.
  16. talk about sour grapes. why the hell would zep want to waste their time on his show anyway?
  17. this is just to keep the rumour mill going after the marylin monroe tape that was sold recently
  18. that would be a great idea... if by some crazy chance they do have a tour, and by some astronomical chance they actually record some new material.
  19. highlits of man utd barca and chelsea liverpool. United is definetely goig to win the cahampions league
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