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  1. anywhere in the world? stop by my place then. just turn left from iran and you're there
  2. definitely going to see iron man tomorrow. finally movies are premiering around here at the same time as they do in the west.
  3. i went through the index in my lord of the rings book
  4. maybe they could organize a concert for something that is really dangerous, instead of something that might or might not happen in the distant future. people are dying in sudan. theres barely enough food in pakistan. the global warming guff is hardly a first priority. its just fashionable, so all these self-annointed pundits like bono etc. are telling everybody join the bandwagon, and if you don't, you're a villian.
  5. Maybellene by Chuck berry Nobody-except the stones- does rock and roll better than Chuck
  6. It's got to be ana beatriz
  7. That titanic drumming on When The Levee Breaks just can't be beat. Nothing in the key of percussion sounds better than that. It's like rolling thunder-and he keeps it going for 7 minutes.
  8. apocalypse now is brilliant. my favorite war movie
  9. the trouble with harry. Its the funniest movie Hitch ever made
  10. yep, he definitely has more foresight than rolling stone. Their reviews were ridiculous and then they flip-flopped 30 years later
  11. I'm 18 and I started listening to zeppelin last year. All I can say is that they just sound better than anything else out there. Also, Plant's kawwali like singing style and bonham's sledgehammer drumming appeal to my oriental side. After zeppelin was gone hard rock and heavy metal became something else entirely. I don't think anybody comes close to sounding as good as zeppelin. And that's all- they just sound better.
  12. there is an earls court performance of stairway posted by the official channel
  13. drunk, you have as much a risk of having something horrible done to you by muslim terrorists as you do of your own president or prime minister
  14. The crystal ship by the doors I cant get that line " the time you ran was too insane we'll meet again" out of my head
  15. rock and roll music chuck berry
  16. Unless the apes were really annoying. Maybe they can't afford to have them relocated.
  17. hard to believe this happened in america. in 2008.
  18. I blame the media for that. They've completely disintigrated the line separating moderacy from fundamentalism.
  19. Excellent. now just turn this into a complete video archive
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