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  1. maybe they could organize a concert for something that is really dangerous, instead of something that might or might not happen in the distant future. people are dying in sudan. theres barely enough food in pakistan. the global warming guff is hardly a first priority. its just fashionable, so all these self-annointed pundits like bono etc. are telling everybody join the bandwagon, and if you don't, you're a villian.

  2. I'm 18 and I started listening to zeppelin last year. All I can say is that they just sound better than anything else out there. Also, Plant's kawwali like singing style and bonham's sledgehammer drumming appeal to my oriental side. After zeppelin was gone hard rock and heavy metal became something else entirely. I don't think anybody comes close to sounding as good as zeppelin. And that's all- they just sound better.

  3. I used the example I did for a reason. It doesn't matter what portion of the society behaves in that manner. 90%, 10%, 44.65%.....there will still be people you include in that hate that don't belong there.

    If it's not okay to blast all Christians for what a portion of them do, why is it okay to blast all Muslims for what a portion of them do? There are many peaceful people in this world who practice the Islamic faith who suffer every day because of the people who don't.

    I don't fear people who have done nothing to me, and I don't go out of my way to hate them either. People who practice their faith in peace are not my enemy.

    I blame the media for that. They've completely disintigrated the line separating moderacy from fundamentalism.

  4. [size=2

    In the early Islamic period, non-Muslims were required to wear distinctive marks in public, such as metal seals fixed around their necks. Tattooing and branding of slaves and captives were widespread in the ancient world. Lead or copper seals were used to mark non-Muslims and slaves in the Islamic world. Likewise, non-Muslims were not allowed to wear colors associated with Islam, particularly green. The practice of physically branding Jews and Christians appears to have been begun in early medieval Baghdad and was considered highly degrading. In many Islamic states, Christians and Jews were required to wear special emblems on their clothes. The yellow badge was first introduced by a caliph in Baghdad in the ninth century, and spread to the West in medieval times. In public baths, non-Muslims wore medallions suspended from cords around their necks so no one would mistake them for Muslims. Belts, headgear, shoes, armbands and/or cloth patches were also used. In 1005 the Jews of Fatimid Egypt were ordered to wear bells on their garments.

    rover, this is not in early islamic period. this is post muhammad(PBUH), and for the most part muslims were tolerant of other religions. lets not forget that during muhammad's prophethood, jews had made an alliance with the quraish who had expelled the early muslims from mecca.

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