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  1. i'll follow the sun The Beatles
  2. That's the way Led zeppelin
  3. In kow way whatsoever. It's like Bob Dylan-and recently Neil Young- said "Music cannot change the world." It cant chage your life either.
  4. Nixon. He had his flaws but he was a man who stuck to his ideals no matter what. A good writer too.
  5. Also summertime blues by eddie cochran and the cover that the Who did
  6. highlights of manutd vs arsenal, because obviously i'm a utd supporter
  7. Back to school days by graham parker
  8. it is heartbreaker, isn't it? What do you think?
  9. 1975 earls court concerts were really good as well. That's their peak for me
  10. Levee may be the most underrated rock song of all time. great to see you put it at no. 1. bonzo pounding on the drums in the intro is amazing
  11. Mothership didn't have tangerine or misty mountain hop.
  12. My favorite opening lines by Mr Plant: "O, let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dreams"-Middle of june, 40 degrees outside, when i first heard kashmir. Right off, you feel like you're in the Thar desert "Been dazed and confused for so long its not true"- Plant was the first person to sing with so much raw emotion. There was nothing holding him back. "Leaves are falling all around,its time i was on my way"-I'm a Tolkien fan, I've read namarie, enough said. What are yours?
  13. "All right so he got shot in the foot, what is it a big f***in' deal?"
  14. Robert moaning after singing "when the levee breaks, you gotta go". that reflects the desperation of all those poor people in missisippi that time.
  15. where could i find these without illegally downloading them, any site where u could order these, because there aren't too many zeppelin session tapes available where i'm from. but i do remember hearing a JP and RP version of battle of evermore with an indian singer doing the "dance in the dark night" part. is that included in the bombay sessions? nice to hear that nusrat's got some fans on this forum
  16. Good luck on your project. Hope you'll find somebody to play sitar. Dhol would be easy for any percussionist
  17. A Qawwali version of Kashmir. Plant's singing is heavily influenced by the sufi singers on kashmir. Bhangra cover of misty mountain hop. Thats a punjabi genre, thats kind of like R and B. substitute Dhols for drums but keep the keyboard riff. Dhols for whole lotta love as well. again, plant sounds like a sufi singer in that. listen to some music by nusrat fateh ali khan, that'll give you an idea of what sufism is about. Sitar in battle of evermore and stairway. you could even do the solo with a sitar
  18. Please tell me I'm not the only one on this forum from Pakistan. Come on, any Zepheads from pakistan? Lahore to be more specific
  19. Robert laughing in intro of whole lotta love. That set the tone for the whole album, that "we dont care what the critics say, we're going to record the heaviest album of all time". They dont slow down at all throughout the whole album, except ramble on, which is still a killer track. I wonder what made him laugh, though?
  20. In misty mountain hop, when robert goes "ooooooooooooooohhh!!' I think i've heard that in some other song , but i can never place it.
  21. nice read. thanks otto. vanity fair, rolling stone etc. aren't available where i'm from. please do more
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