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    the hangmans noose I dangle
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    Jimmy Page, Music, Riding my motorcycle, drawing, reading, camping and dreaming of Jimmy.

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I'am from Washington State in the USA. I'am single and a domestic godess. I have had a secret love affair with Jimmy Page for most of my life (if he only knew). Not only is he the most beautiful man on earth, he is the best guitarest on earth not to mention the universe. He has a stage presence that can not be compared to anyone. To me he is nothing more than perfect! I have several online friends who share my passion. One of them is Amazonic. In Aug of 09 we will be flying together to England to find our passion. Led Zeppelin is of course my favorite rock group. Others would be Free, Spirit, Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, Foghat, Greatful Dead, Emerson Lake & Palmer and many more of this quality. I enjoy traveling, packpacking, snow and water sking, horse back riding, camping, shopping (even if I dont need to), romantic dinners and sex.

I enjoy my time online and visiting with friends as they are very important to me, as well as family. I have a Shih Tzu by the name of Gizmo. She's four months old and full of piss and vineger. I have recently designed a tatoo for my love of Jimmy, it know resides on my left arm.

I don't smoke (cigarettes) drink very little and I dont do drugs. My only vice is Diet Pepsi. Sounds boring but I know how to have a good time. I love walks on a beach, music, mountains, the sea and life. Hope this gives you a little insight into my soul. Have a Pagey day!!!



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