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  1. And what about the guy yelling "Bring On Neil Young"? What is that all about? I do like how Eddie has "Heartbreaker." It's a riot to hear the guy screaming for it all night, and then he goes nuts when they launch into it. Classic.
  2. The Bath 1970 show is known as a phenomenal performace, but the boot that circulates is an atrocious quality audience tape. But, I agree with the comments about the Boston Tea Party show.
  3. Right. I forgot about the San Diego show. I should have asked what are the best audience recordings from the 1977 tour OTHER than the recordings done by Millard. Any help you can give would be most appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Hi! The Mike Millard LA Forum recordings are spectacular, but, other than these, what are the best sound quality audience recordings from the 1977 tour? Please note, I am not talking about soundboard recordings, but audience recordings. Thanks very much in advance for any help you can give. --Sick Again
  5. Hmmm....This is a good question. Well, isn't there a track called "Sugar Mama"? And another called "Sunshine Woman"? Then there are "Friends" and "Four Sticks" as rehearsed in 1972 with the Bombay symphony orchestra. Don't know about any others.
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